VIDEO: Tiki Paradise a first-of-its-kind ‘omni-channel’ slot game

  • Tiki Paradise slot will test new multi-platform gameplay
  • Game offers exclusive features using special account card

Alex Franklin, of Playtech, tells Casinopedia why Tiki Paradise is not just another new slot release, but also a test bed for a new omni-channel method of gameplay.

Tiki Paradise is a simple five-reel, ten payline slot game, based on the theme of the Polynesian culture and statues of the same name. Playtech is hoping that the first-of-its kind model will be a hit with the players. The company has signed a deal to supply UK bookmaker Coral with Tiki Paradise slot machines in its high-street shops and on its online platforms. Players, using a special account card, called a Coral Connect card, can log in at their local high-street branch, but then also play online and on mobile, under the same account. By playing across different platforms, they then can access the game’s full range of features. The game has already been launched exclusively with Coral.

“We’ve had great success working with Coral, it’s a game which we’ve worked on in conjunction with them and it’s the first game of its kind in the market, so it’s really exciting and I’m proud to be part of it.
Alex Franklin, Research and Innovation Specialist, Playtech

If players play the game in-shop, they can then enjoy further extra features online and on mobile if they log in again within 14 days. The player ‘journey’ then comes full circle if they log-in again in-shop, with the full five features then unlocking. If player plays again via either channel within 14 days, the full range of features remains unlocked.

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