Go back to where it all started with Playtech’s Batman Begins slot

  • New slot offers a range of detailed bonus stages
  • Progressive jackpots of up to seven figures can randomly trigger.

Batman Begins was the Christopher Nolan-directed reboot of the classic comic book hero film franchise that breathed new life into the character.

The Batman Begins slot by Playtech.
The Batman Begins slot by Playtech.

With Christian Bale assuming the role of the billionaire playboy-cum-caped crusader, the film made millions in the box office.

Game developer Playtech has a number of Batman slots already under its belt, not to mention superhero titles in general.

The DC Comics-inspired slot brings a lot to the party, with a 5×3 reel layout, a RTP of 95.1% and a total of four progressive jackpots to hit.

In detail

Players get a bit of plot with this slot – they are to save Gotham City from the evil League of Shadows, as they spin the reels across five differing locations.

You get all the classic characters, from Bale’s Bruce Wayne, Batman, Commissioner Gordon and Dr Johnathan Crane (Scarecrow).

This slot also offers the player three differing wilds, which all do different things, including expanding wilds.

To get to the five locations, players have a metered bar on the screen which gradually fills up – and once its full, players will be whisked off and experience a range of modifiers which can help with the win potential.

Achieving symbols in one area can unlock others, with The Temple, Batcave, the Wayne Manor stage and the Arkham Asylum stage all up for grabs.

The reels of the Batman Begins slot.
The reels of the Batman Begins slot.

In the Monorail stage, there is the potential for multiplier on wins of up to 50x, which is rather good.

The progressives

As with a lot of Playtech superhero slots, this one comes with a progressive jackpot.

There’s not special feature to unlock or need to spend ages spinning – these progressives are unlocked completely at random.

The jackpots are split in to Mini, Minor, Major or Grand, with the latter possibly reaching a figure in the millions.


This slot has a lot of depth, so trying it out in demoplay mode at first is probably a good idea. That way you can see what the features are all about and whether that set up floats your boat.

The base game does get a little left behind with all the features on top, but there are those different wilds which keep things interesting.

The progressive jackpot will also naturally pull in the players looking for a life changing win.

This slot isn’t yet widely available, but when it is, try this at Power Spins Casino, Mr Green Casino, or ComeOn! Casino.

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