Playtech and Ladbrokes join forces to launch all new online casino experience

  • Two companies work together to launch immersive new online experience
  • Playtech continues to expand with new partnerships

Ladbrokes has announced that its innovative new live casino is soon to be launched. In the new live casino experience, which is being described as ‘more than real’, all the action is overseen by a real live dealer.

ladborkes live casino

The development has been undertaken through a partnership between Ladbrokes and Playtech, the casino games software developer based in the Isle of Man.

New offerings

Playtech has cited teamwork as being important for achieving results. And this collaboration with Ladbrokes has reportedly seen the creation of a “new studio design and a better app functionality for their live casino.”

And, because part of the fun of using an online casino – and betting in general – is about player-to-player communication, the new live casino features a special messaging platform to accompany the live-action gameplay, which all players can use from the online table they are ‘seated’ at.

Antonio Ruggeri is the live casino product manager for Ladbrokes Coral, and he said that both they and Playtech intend to give their customers the “real experience,” similar to that you might find at a bricks-and-mortar, land-based casino.

It is here that the player-to-player communication function offered by the messaging platform comes into play.

Best efforts

Head of live casino innovation Kevin Kilminster has said that the pair have put all their effort into making the live casino platform the best it could be, and that they have really tried to make it as close as possible to the real casino experience.

“Our gaming customers want an authentic casino experience,” which is why the two businesses have updated their casino offerings and maximized player interaction, said Ruggeri.

Kilminster added: “The new area takes advantage of Playtech’s latest next-generation studio capabilities moving the design and gaming experience to the next level alongside Ladbrokes’ long-term sports oriented focus.”

It is also worth noting that this partnership is not new; Playtech and Ladbrokes joined forces in 2014 to launch the latter’s original online casino experience.

Meanwhile, Ladbrokes has also recently announced a 17% net revenue growth for online products, having successfully managed to swap all their digital brands over to one single platform.

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