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  • bgo Casino offers players 15 of the very best roulette games
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Red or Black? Roulette is quite possibly the most iconic casino table game of all time and bgo casino are taking their roulette offering to players to a new level with 15 of the best roulette games on offer at an online casino today.

The roulette games here are supplied by Playtech, watch the video below to take a closer look at what bgo casino can offer to online casino players.


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Roulette games at bgo casino

Let’s take a look at some of the more noteworthy roulette games at bgo.

European Roulette: This is the first game to check out at bgo, as simple as roulette gets. The site also offers American Roulette, which does have its own style, but most players prefer European due to the smaller house edge.

NewAR Roulette: This upgraded version of the game looks fantastic. You can change the felt colour, the camera angle and even make the wheel spin the other direction! Could that affect your luck?

1000 Diamond Bet Roulette: As the name suggests, this is a specific form of roulette. The game has an oval wheel with 105 slots, including five diamond slots with jackpots. Bets are placed on a square diagram instead of the usual roulette pattern. This is ideal if you love roulette but want a new take on it.

Roulette Pro:This is a roulette game with high stakes and a different aesthetic. Some may prefer the sleeker look of the NewAR game, but there is a classic feel here with no distracting bells and whistles.

Pro- Roulette at bgo

3D Roulette: This version naturally has more emphasis on graphics. Instead of showing a table, the betting is done on a grid and the wheel itself tales over the screen space, showing a full 3D animation of the spin. Certain elements of the visual can be disabled per user preference.

Club Roulette: This game looks like Roulette Pro, with smaller maximums and a slightly more relaxed feel to the artwork and design. This may appeal to the laid-back player!

Penny Roulette: Just as it sounds, this game is standard roulette but with very low stakes. This is perfect if your credit is running low or you simply want a casual experience. The table visuals still feature a smooth, sleek design.

Pinball Roulette: Simply tired of watching the wheel go around? Pinball Roulette replaces the wheel with a game of pinball! The visual design is simple, but the added fun of this new randomisation method makes this game very popular, plus you can gamble winnings on a game of pinball.

Video Roulette: This is a very swanky version of the game, really making the most of the capabilities of browser software. Video Roulette features a large, high quality image of a table and a video experience when the ball is spun. This classy game even has La Partage rules, so you get half of your stake back if the house wins on 0. For roulette with all the extras, this is the perfect choice.

There is a quick look at just some of the games on offer at bgo, now it is time for you to head on over and try them out for yourself. Don’t forget to use the link below to claim bgo’s latest bonus.


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