‘Player safety’ and new technology key to online casino group’s growth

  • Focus on responsible gambling technology and new innovations
  • Impressive 96% increase in mobile gaming profits show emerging gaming trends

Malta-based online casino giant Kindred Group has published its annual report – and there is plenty contained within it to interest players.

Henrik Tjarnstrom, CEO Kindred
Henrik Tjärnström, CEO, Kindred Group

Kindred, which owns brands like Unibet, claims its ethos is to be ‘By Players, For Players’. In practice that means it is trying new innovations to keep its key customers happy. One such advancement is its so-called Player Safety Early Detection System (PS-EDS). This is all about its approach to responsible gaming where specially devised software detects early signs of problem gambling from users. Kindred states this helps to ‘monitor, support and protect players’. ‘Player safety’ is a key buzzword for online operators today.

The report also outlines how it is better meeting player needs, and also giving them a range of self-exclusion tools. Mobile gaming was also showing huge growth, highlighting the trend of the shift to handheld devices.

A bid to transform online gambling

The Kindred Group has always claimed to have one goal in mind, and that’s to transform online gambling by creating exciting gaming experiences for all of their players. Their latest annual report reiterates these points, emphasizing the importance of providing customers with the most innovative and quality products.

Their approach seems to be working, as they remain one of the largest gaming operators in Europe, with 16.5 million customers. The group recorded the gross gaming revenue of nearly $673 million, which is a 54% year on year increase, while the underlying EBITDA grew 53%, amounting to $152.2 million. Kindred Group’s mobile gaming revenues were particularly impressive, showing 96% increase to a total of $434.3 million.

Striking balance between shareholders and players

Like any business, the Kindred Group aims to create value for their shareholders, but the company also takes special care not to do so at the expense of their customers. While it is looking to earn money for its shareholders, it is also striking the balance of providing players with a safe and fully regulated gaming environment.

As newly regulated markets open up, it is looking to tap into these through the proper channels.

The report emphasizes the Kindred Group is devoted to staying ahead of the competition by growing faster than the rest using improved technologies. By doing so, they won’t only be creating value for the company but for the players as well, as they’ll get to enjoy all these innovative products and benefits of the latest technological advances.

At the moment, the Kindred Group owns and operates a number of brands apart from their flagship Unibet brand. These include StanJames, 24h Bet, Bingo.com, and Maria Casino.

The group employs 1,162 people, 32% women and 68% men, speaking 54 different languages and its operations include sports betting, poker, online casinos and bingo.

Over the time, the group has earned its reputation among their peers and players alike. Last year, Unibet decided it was time for a change, and they renamed to become the Kindred Group. This is their first annual report operating under the new name.

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