These four tips will have you playing roulette like a pro in no time

  • Our strategy to help you turn a profit at the roulette wheel
  • We expose the best way to give yourself the highest percentage chance of winning roulette

Roulette, the ultimate game of chance, or is it? Many have tried to tame the iconic wheel but a majority fail.

It is possible to get lucky and land a big win on one spin (just ask Ashley Revell who in 2010 sold all of his possessions to fly to Las Vegas and bet $135,300 on red, fortunately for him the ball landed on red 7 and he doubled his money in the process) however, that takes immense luck, a huge bankroll, and balls the size of beach balls to do.

Instead, you can read our guide where we look at the best strategy to maximise your chances of coming away a roulette winner.

4. Get the basics right

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There are several opportunities to place a bet with inside bets and outside bets on roulette.

Apologies in advance if you are a seasoned roulette player but for those less au fait with the wheel, let us take you through the basics.

The roulette wheel consists of divisions which are numbered from 1 to 36 in a seemingly random pattern and alternate red and black.

Additionally, there is a single green division numbered 0 (When playing American Roulette, a second green division is added and is numbered 00, this is the first rule of playing roulette, always play the European game as your chances of winning are slightly higher).

Prior to rolling the ball, people place bets on what number will come up by laying down chips on a layout, the precise location of the chips indicating the bet being made.

The betting layout is made up of a number of opportunities to place a bet with inside bets and outside bets on offer like so:

  • Reds / Blacks (colour)
  • Evens / Odds
  • Lows / Highs (1-18 / 19-36)
  • Dozens
  • Columns
  • 6 Numbers (6 line)
  • 5 Numbers (top line)
  • 4 Numbers (square)
  • 3 Numbers (street)
  • 2 Numbers (split)
  • 1 Number (straight)

Once you have placed your chips carefully in your chosen option the wheel is spun and the ball enters the wheel, it is still possible to bet when the wheel is in motion as it is the dealer who will call an end to the betting phase.
Now you watch, wait and hope you have placed a winning bet.

3. Understand that the house has the edge

Roulette rake gathering gambling chips on table, close-up
Casino will always have the edge on the roulette wheel.

Like it or not, the casino will always hold a 2.7% edge on the roulette wheel. This is because the house pays out less than the true value of the odds.

For example, as there are 37 divisions on a wheel, if you were to place a single number bet then mathematically the pay-out odds should technically be 37/1.

However, with the casino, the pay-out on a single bet is 35/1 plus your initial stake back. It is important you understand this as it could influence your decision on single bets.

We do not recommend placing single bets as there really is no strategy to predicting what numbers will come up next. Roulette is completely random and no amount of advice can truly determine what number will come up next.

This is because hitting the number 8 ten times in a row for example, is just as possible as any other number combination over ten spins.

2. Stick to a strategy

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A strategy is a much better way to bet rather than blindly placing bets across the layout.

Right, now we have gone through the housework, now we look at the best possible strategy to get you winning the readies rather than blindly placing bets across the layout.

The thing to understand is that combination is key as we move into the detail. By looking at three number columns on a roulette betting layout you will notice in the middle column there are 8 black numbers and in the top or right column (depending on which way you are looking at it, there are 8 red numbers.

The column odds are set at 2/1 so select either of these columns to bet on. Then combine your bet with the same stake on either the red or black options.

The reason, is that if your selected column pays out then, you can enjoy some handsome winnings, however, if it does not, you still have a 47.37% chance of breaking even with your red or black bet.

It adds an element of insurance to your bet and over time will ensure your bankroll goes a long way and gives you the best mathematical chance of coming away with a win rather than just relying on blind luck.

1. Find the right online casino

Our guide to the best casinos for roulette will help you with this, but in short, you are after a trustworthy online casino with brilliant bonuses and a good choice of roulette games.

LeoVegas Casino is a good place to start, the site has a great mobile casino site and is super easy to get used to.

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