Pippa Middleton’s wedding: Will the Queen attend? Will she dance to Gangsta’s Paradise?

  • The secrecy surrounding the wedding has led to a flurry of speculative bets
  • Bookies giving odds on a first dance song, dress colour and a Royal appearance

There are all kinds of events that bookmakers will accept novelty bets on – Eurovision; the chances of Donald Trump being impeached – but weddings? They’re not generally the subject of fanciful flutters.

pippa middleton wedding
The approaching wedding of Pippa Middleton has seen a flurry of novelty bets at UK bookmakers

Then again, most weddings aren’t of the magnitude of Pippa Middleton’s. Her celebrity status might not match that of her royal sibling, but it isn’t far off, and Pippa’s been turning heads and attracting headlines ever since sister Kate got hitched to Prince William in 2011.

This Saturday, it’s Pippa’s turn to walk down the aisle as she prepares to tie the knot with James Matthews. Never ones to let a good betting opportunity go to waste, bookmakers have been offering a host of novelty bets on the event. Coral, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power have all offered odds on various scenarios, ranging from the far-fetched to the virtually impossible.

Dress colour, a Royal appearance and more

One of the reasons why British bookies have been working themselves into a frenzy over the wedding is the level of secrecy that surrounds it, making it prime material for wild speculation and fanciful betting.

One of the more sensible betting options surrounds the colour of Pippa Middleton’s dress. Pick white and it should come as no surprise to learn that you’ll be given odds as slender as the bride herself – 1/20 are what Paddy Power is quoting. While it’s hard to picture Pippa repping a red dress, if you think that’s a possibility, then you’ll be offered 9/1, which seems like a fair price.

Just to throw some other colours into the mix, you can also bet on the colour of sister Kate’s gown. Purple is going at 5/4, blue at 6/4 and pink at 9/2.

If you’re not a big fan of betting on colours, or happen to have an inside source who can furnish you with the guest list, then you should put your money here. Bets have been flying about as to whether or not Her Majesty will make an appearance, but the money’s currently going towards Queen Elizabeth not attending the society event.

Gangsta’s Paradise vs U Can’t Touch This

Paddy Power is the king of novelty bets, few of which are ever likely to be placed, but all of which make for great headlines. For example, you can get odds of 10/11 on Spencer Matthews, younger brother of the groom, swearing during his best man’s speech. There’s also 30/1 on him being ejected from the church, and the prospect of betting on some interesting choices as the first song at the reception.

Will it be Truly Madly Deeply, U Can’t Touch This or Gangsta’s Paradise? Probably none of the foregoing, but if you have a hunch as to the first notes that will ring out as Mr and Mrs Matthews take to the dancefloor, speak to Paddy Power – they’ll be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

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