Philippines police crack down on suspected illegal online wagering ring

  • Nine South Korean nationals arrested in a rented property in relation to illegal online gambling
  • Two of the arrested are allegedly fugitives from South Korea with pending illegal online gambling cases

It has been reported that last Friday, nine South Korean nationals were detained following a raid by members of the Philippines’ Regional Intelligence Division on a rented property in the Philippine city of Cebu on suspicion of running an illegal online gambling operation.

philippines arrests illegal online gambling

Police revealed that the group had allegedly been under supervision for two months following the mass arrest in what has been described as a ‘Big Syndicate’ operating illegally in the city.

However, Phillipine authorities are still searching for suspected fugitives associated with the gambling ring as they prepare to charge the nine caught.

Raid on rented property

Friday’s arrest was a big coup for Phillipine authorities, who have been trying to stamp out illegal online gambling for good. The village of Banilad in Cebu City is known for being rather upmarket and is suggested as a typical locale for alleged ring members to operate from.

Officials note that, by renting plush properties for cash on short-term leases, illegal betting ring members are able to disperse at short notice should suspicion arise. However, police have stated that it is likely that these operators moved in July last year.

The corporation that owns the raided property has denied any wrongdoing and is reported as noting that is was clueless as to the renter’s nature of business and that they had paid up front until January 2018.

Philippine authorities were granted the warrant to raid the house as they were seeking Kim Young Jun, who was believed to be residing at the residence and was wanted by Korean officials – he was not present during the raid.

What was seized?

Along with the nine arrests, computers, phones and log books were seized from the house with police reportedly trying to work out whether the group have any links to a group of South Koreans who were detained on July last year on the same charge.

However, the case has been made a little more complex as the passports seized during the raid unsurprisingly failed to match the identities of those arrested.

That has led police to believe that there are still six suspects at large, with local authorities seeking the help of Korean police to decipher the information on the hardware seized and to question the nine detained ring members; early indicators reportedly show that online deals worth as much as $60,000 each have been transacted.

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