Philippines National Police given 15 days to stop illegal gambling

  • Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Ronald dela Rosa issued the orders in a bid to stamp out illegal gambling for good
  • A main problem area is the Luzon with police expected to make the area a focal point

In rather extreme measures to stamp out illegal wagering in the Philippines, PNP Chief Director Ronald Dela Rosa has reportedly made it clear to police regional directors that unless they stop illegal gambling in 15 days, their jobs could be in danger.

philippines police 15 days to stop illegal gambling

The threat has also been issued to provincial directors with Rosa being reported by Malaya Business Insider as saying “We will eliminate illegal gambling and 15 days is enough, if not I will start relieving commanders,”

Just how bad is illegal gambling in the Philippines?

One of the biggest problems in the Philippines is the illegal numbers game of ‘jueteng’. The game may be against the law but it is very popular across the whole country and especially in Luzon (Philippines northern island) as it has long odds and no limits on minimum or maximum bets giving people the belief that they can make some quick riches.

Dela Rosa reportedly claims the game takes away revenue from the legal but similar ‘Small Town Lottery’ which was brought into existence by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

PNP v PCSO v Illegal Gambling

Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office general manager Alexander Balutan has previously expressed his disappointment over the failure of the PNP to put an end to illegal gambling in the country.

Thus, Dela Rosa retaliated with his 15-day promise but, in doing so also noted: “It is easy for the agency to use the PNP as a scapegoat” in what he said was the failure of the PCSO to police its operators who run illegal betting.

Despite the rather tame war of words, the two parties have the same goal in mind and if Balutan was after a reaction from Dela Rosa, he certainly achieved it.

Money Talks

Dela Rosa has previously admitted: “Well, we accept the fact that we are a failure when it comes to illegal gambling. This time we are all out against illegal gambling.”

The two parties also have a vested interest together after The PNP entered into an agreement with the PCSO that it will protect STL operations and eradicate all forms of illegal gambling. In return, PCSO is giving the PNP 2.5 percent of STL sales.

However, Balutan threatened to reduce the financial help the PNP receive from the PCSO by half if gambling issues persist, Dela Rosa insisted that the PNP could do without the financial aid but, nonetheless, he is not going all out to ensure the eradication of illegal gambling. What happens over the next 15 days will be interesting.

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