Phil Ivey’s bodyguard allegedly caught up in skirmish at the Bellagio

  • It has been reported that a fight broke out at the Bellagio’s poker room
  • Fight allegedly involved poker pro, Phil Ivey’s bodyguard

As the setting for many a major boxing bout over the years, the Bellagio has seen its share of blows traded and pugilists hit the deck. It was reportedly the scene of a less formal rumble recently though, one which allegedly involved Phil Ivey’s bodyguard.

Fighting in Vegas? It has been alleged that Phil Ivey’s bodyguard was involved in a scene at the famous Bellagio in Vegas

It has been reported that during the Big Game at Bobby’s Room, a confrontation occurred involving a high stakes player and the bodyguard of the man they call the Tiger Woods of poker. Not only was Phil Ivey on the scene at the time, but so was Danish WSOP bracelet holder Gus Hansen.

‘Full on fist fight’

News of the incident wouldn’t have emerged were it not for the tweeting heroics poker pro Jimmy Fricke. Gobboboy, as he’s known, happened to be observing proceedings from his position looking through the glass divider into the Big Game area. He rattled off a quick one-liner alerting the world to the incident, tweeting “Full on fist fight in Bobby’s room just broke out. Was over pretty quick but wow.”

Details get sketchy beyond this with little more than the say-so of internet commenters and social media users to shed light on the matter.

One individual claims to have seen video footage of the fight in which two African-Americans allegedly go toe-to-toe before “the big dude just throws him to the ground like a rag doll and the other guy gets up and just sits back down”.

Citation needed, as they say, though there appears to be considerable evidence to suggest that there was a ruckus of some description went down in the Big Game room and. If the reports are indeed true, it would also not be unreasonable to conclude that Phil Ivey’s bodyguard would the upper hand, because what’s the point in having a bodyguard if they can’t lay the smackdown in situations like these?

Bragging right and reputation

It’s not unheard of for tempers to fray in high stakes poker games, where there’s a lot on the line – chips, money, bragging rights and reputation.

The game itself appears to have become something of an afterthought in light of the incident, though for fans who care more about the poker than the posturing, word is that the remaining players are in the midst of a 48-hour poker marathon and the stakes are at $3k and $6k. Who said poker was boring?

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