Why Are Some People Just Plain Lucky?

  • Some people seem to have all the luck
  • Why is that and why can’t that person be you?

Everybody knows or has met someone who is just plain lucky.

They’ve got the car, the house, their football bet always seems to come in and if they put $1 in a fruit machine somewhere, it ends up paying out $10.

Some people get all the luck...or do they?
Some people get all the luck…or do they?

So why in the words of Rod Stewart do ‘some guys have all the luck’, and why is that person never you?

Psychology of luck

Psychological studies have shown that a person’s perception of their luck is strongly correlated to how lucky they are.

In other words, it’s all about mindset.

Outgoing people tend to be much more lucky than introverts, as are risk takers. If you’re gambling already then you’re not averse to a risk or two so why does that seem to apply only occasionally?

The answer is your positivity has to be tempered with realism. The most positive mindset in the world won’t erode the house edge, but positivity when accompanied by a realistic outlook will help you to enjoy your wins to the maximum while coping better with your losses.

Advertise wins, forget losses

The simple truth is that there are people out there who exaggerate their wins and downplay their losses (Although they may do the exact opposite to their significant others).

It’s an effective way of coping with the ups and downs that come with playing casinos or sports betting, but it can be misleading for friends who only hear about the wins.

If you know someone who is always winning big, the most common explanation is that they’re gambling a lot more than you and losing more too.

They probably don’t mean to mislead you and they may even be misleading themselves. Either way, it’s better to accept a bit of bad luck now again than kid yourself.

But what about the other guy?

Yes, there will always be people who seem to be on a permanent hot streak and there will always be tales of people who have life-changing mega wins, but they are few and far between.

Golfer Gary Player had a few things to say about 'luck'. Notably that he didn't particularly believe in it.
Golfer Gary Player had a few things to say about ‘luck’. Notably that he didn’t particularly believe in it.

You’ve got to be in the game to win, so with the ups and downs be realistic in your expectations and stay positive. Enjoy the little wins and never stop dreaming of the big one; it’s gotta be somebody after all.

And when it comes to luck, think about what you can do to change it. In slots, there’s not a lot you can do to change the house edge – but have you thought about budgeting properly, to allow you to extend your gameplay, keep it fun and prevent you from chasing losses?

And if there is an element of skill or knowledge, like blackjack or poker – have you considered practicing more?

As the major winning golfer Gary Player used to say: “The more I practice the luckier I seem to get”.

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