Why it pays to play at new online casinos

We all love a disruptor.

New Online Casinos
New online casinos and why it might be time to try them.

Remember when Nokia had cornered the market for mobile phones, only to be swept away by Apple and Samsung? How many record and book stores have been closed thanks to Amazon?

And it’s only a few years ago that Snapchat went from a college idea to one of the main pieces of social media for young people – who shunned the more established Twitter and Facebook brands.

What makes all of this possible is having competition. New entrants change the paradigm, win customers and generally shake things up – and amen to that.

So while there are a handful of established online casino brands, all trying to stay ahead of the competition, there are always new players looking to do things differently or focus on niches which can give them the edge.

Here’s some good reasons to try some of the new online casinos around today.

Attractive bonuses

One of the ways new online casinos can gain traction in the market is to really ramp up the bonuses.
Free spins, deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses and more can all be used to try to beat the competition.

But also look at the terms and conditions, which are a huge, and often overlooked part of the bonus structure.

New online casinos will often look to lower wagering requirements, which means players have to ‘play through’ less money to claim any winnings.

Not only that, but casinos may also offer things like bonus money which is not tied in with the deposit money, allowing players to withdraw winnings made with their own money whenever they want.

It always pays to read the smallprint, and remember, if a new casino comes up with an offer that sounds too good to be true, then it probably is, but more on that later.

It offers something different

New casinos know they can’t always compete with the big boys in terms of trying to be all things to all people. So they may not be able to offer first class, 24-hour live customer service, a big suite of live casino games, offering every payment method under the sun, as well as offering thousands of slots.

If a new online casino can do all that, then they must have a big bankroll behind them.

What more agile online casinos do is try to offer something different. So you may see online casinos aimed at a social experience with slot tournaments and other player-to-player interactive features – as now-established brands Videoslots and Casumo have done so well since the beginning.

How to play Casumo reel races.
Casinos, like Casumo, above, can offer competitive elements like slot tournaments to make play more social.

Now we are seeing casinos that appear to appeal specifically to women, to fans of heavy metal music, to people who love video games, or to people who are interested in using cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

All of this means that there is now probably an online casino to suit all tastes – and choice is never a bad thing.

They need to be good to survive

To some people, online casinos may seem still like a relatively new animal – but actually the market is undergoing something of a maturity phase in its development in many territories.

Yes, there is still potential for huge growth in emerging markets like South America, Africa and Asia, but in parts of Western Europe, they are firmly established – and there are many online casinos to choose from.

That means, if you want to enter the market and be successful, you are going to need to be seriously good, and offer something seriously unique.

If a new online casino comes on the scene, they are worth checking out just to see what they are offering, and if it seems uninspiring, the chances are they won’t last too long.

But watch out

As with any new kid in town, a word of caution is advisable.

A new online casino seemingly springing up out of nowhere, offering a massive bonus and a seemingly enviable amount of games, support and swift withdrawal times should start the alarm bells ringing.

It pays to do a bit of basic due diligence.

The first thing to do is to look for a gaming licence from the relevant regulator – a UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority badge, for example, is always a good sign, and means the casino will be signed up to conditions surrounding things like the fairness of games, responsible gambling, and generally operating and trading in a reasonable way.

Sarah Harrison of the UK Gambling Commission, which has announced a probe into 17 online casino operators over money laundering and responsible gambling concerns.
Sarah Harrison of the UK Gambling Commission – a badge of trust for players searching for new online casinos.

Quite simply, if the casino doesn’t have a respectable license, then don’t use it.

The next thing you can do is look at some reviews of the casino, read some forums to make sure there’s no flak coming the way of the customer service.

If there’s dodgy dealings going on, you can bet that it will be reported on a forum somewhere. It may also be a warning sign if there is no information or postings about the casino anywhere to be found. If not, why not?

Where do I find new online casinos ?

A great place to start is the Casinopedia new online casinos page, giving a list of the latest brands we’ve reviewed, telling you what the deal is, and what sets it apart.

Our reviewers get down to the details and tell you what you need to know about each one – and why it might be a good idea to get out of a rut and try something new.

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