PartyPoker aims to speed up online hands with Button Ante

  • Button Ante aims to speed up the gameplay and increase the number of hands per hour
  • Bid to create more enjoyable experience for all

Live poker tournaments are a lot of fun to play, but players can sometimes find certain aspects a drag.

PartyPoker has employed the Button Ante - to speed up online play for fans of the game.
PartyPoker has employed the Button Ante – to speed up online play for fans of the game.

With long levels and players often tanking over even the most trivial of decisions, it can be annoying for the players and spectators alike. Wanting to speed up the play at their live events at least somewhat, PartyPoker has come up with an interesting concept called ‘Button Ante,’ which aims to help the game move along faster.

Testing out the new system

PartyPoker will take its new concept for a test ride during German Poker Championship taking place Rozvadov’s King Casino in August, together with some events playing out at UK’s popular Dusk Till Down.

The idea of Button Ante is fairly straightforward, and the concept would kick in once a tournament reaches the stage where antes come into play.

Usually, every player at the table posts an ante and the dealer collects them and puts them in the pot before dealing out the cards.

This can take a little while, as there is usually at least one player who constantly forgets to post his ante and needs to be reminded. Then, there is also the issue of breaking down the big denomination chips and returning change, which all takes away from the precious playing time.

With Button Ante, every round only one player sitting at the button posts the ante for the entire table. The total amount of the Button Ante equals to one big blind, and it is added to the pot before cards are dealt.

This year’s Super High Roller Bowl event successfully used a similar concept.

Downsides of the Button Ante concept

Games should run faster and smoother, which will translate to more hands per hour.

The only possible issue is for the players sitting on really short stacks, as posting one big ante is obviously less appealing than posting a few smaller ones over the course of a few hands. That said, this is a situation that all players are equally likely to find themselves in, so it doesn’t give an inherent advantage to anyone.


All in all, Button Ante will probably be welcomed by a vast majority of the players and moving forward, it will hopefully become a regular fixture in the live tournaments.

It’s a tough market out there for online poker providers, who are always looking at ways to make the game more appealing.

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