Paris Hilton, star of bgo casino’s ad campaign is back in the headlines

  • Socialite Paris Hilton in the news as partner tattoos her name on his arm
  • Hotel heiress famous for appearing in bgo casino ads alongside Verne Troyer

Socialite and media personality Paris Hilton has hit the headlines again, not that she ever left it if truth be told. The hotel heiress, walking clothes horse and queen of self-publicity has been away from the spotlight of late, last surfacing as the glamorous face of bgo casino‘s advertising campaign.

In that particular campaign, bgo’s resident ‘boss’, Verne Troyer returned from a well-earned holiday to find his casino had inexplicably turned pink. Who would the culprit be? Why none other than Paris Hilton of course. Thankfully – certainly for the boss – it turned out that the whole thing was just a nightmare, and when Troyer returns to reality, he finds he’s in his office waiting to interview Hilton to be his assistant. Does he hire her? Well, watch the video below and see what you think.

Ink and pop-stardom

But that was then, and this is now. Thanks to her wealth, looks and brains, Hilton has a tendency to sweep men off their feet. The latest love of the 36-year-old heiress is Chris Zylka, who celebrated his bae’s adoration by getting her name inked onto his forearm in Walt Disney-style font. That’s right: his arm is is literally now a representation of Disneyland Paris.

What would make a man do such a thing? True love of course. True love coupled with the knowledge that if the couple go their separate ways he can get a cover-up and likely enjoy even more press attention – perhaps.

And Hilton certainly seems to approve of her BF’s new ink, proudly revealing the tattoo on Snapchat. Along with the famed bgo adverts, her partner’s arm isn’t the only thing that Paris has put her name to. From an extremely sexualised burger ad for Carl’s Jr to a string of fragrances, there’s little the heiress to the Hilton hotel empire hasn’t tackled.

Paris and her beau are currently kicking it in Ibiza, where the socialite is into her fifth year at Amnesia as ‘DJ’. Given her hectic social life and work schedule, we may have to wait a while before we see Verne Troyer and Paris Hilton reunited by bgo. Thankfully, their classic chemistry lives on thanks to YouTube because the internet never forgets moments of magic like that and neither should you.

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