WATCH: Paddy Power’s most outrageous adverts

  • The Irish bookmaker is no stranger to controversy
  • We take a look at their most controversial advert

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power have never been out of the headlines for long, from erecting a giant Theresa May on the White Cliffs of Dover, to Nicklas Bendtner’s lucky pants back at Euro 2012.

Here, we look at the company’s most controversial adverts.

Cheltenham ladies’ day

Paddy Power invited viewers to ‘spot the stallions from the mares’ in a Cheltenham ladies’ day advert when they claimed they’d be sending some beautiful transgender females to the event.

The advert featured a number of transgender women at Cheltenham, one of whom was exiting the men’s toilets.

The advertising standards authority received 92 complaints about the advert and banned it.

Blind football

Paddy Power had the honour of having the most complained about advert in all of 2010 with an ad about blind footballers.

In the advert a football containing a bell is kicked off the pitch at the same time as a cat wearing a collar with a bell runs on.

We’ll let you work out what happens next.

Stirring the haggis

Irish bookie Paddy Power ‘stirs the haggis’ back in 2016

Prior to the Euro 2016 qualifier between Ireland and Scotland, the Irish bookmaker decided to stir things up a bit with a billboard campaign invoking Mel Gibson’s Braveheart portrayal of William Wallace.

With Roy Keane standing in for Wallace the billboard defiantly proclaimed, ‘You may take our points, but at least we have our freedom’, an obvious reference to the Scottish independence referendum of 2014.

In the end, the best the Scots could manage was a 1-1 draw with their hosts, while punishment for Paddy Power came in the form of a legal case from Roy Keane, whose image the bookmaker had used without permission.

They followed up the print advert with the below video advert.

Jesus Christ

In an advert for the Italian market, Paddy Power responded to a claim that only a miracle could heal the corruption issues in Serie A.

The Irish bookmaker found the perfect man for the job: Jesus with a baseball bat.

Besides muscling out the bad guys, Jesus was able to miraculously heal ‘injured’ players and fill the Italian stadiums to capacity.

In a country where 80% of the population is Christian, the advert did not last long.

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