Whose button is bigger? Paddy Power updates Donald Trump odds after war of words with Kim Jong-un

  • Whose nuclear button is bigger – and who will push theirs first?
  • Bet on whether US and North Korea leaders will make up in 2018

Recent exchanges between US President and Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un may have got some people worrying about whether nuclear war could break out in the near future – but Paddy Power is taking a more relaxed approach to the situation.

Paddy Power Donald Trump
Trump, the gift that keeps on giving for Paddy Power

The Irish bookmaker, which is known for its irreverant approach to advertising and to betting lines, is offering punters the chance to make some money from crazy political times.

The group has put up a range of markets relating to Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un – including which of the two leaders has a bigger nuclear button – after Trump’s tweet boasting about the size of his, buttonhood.

Punters can even gamble on when the world will end – and on which of the two leaders will push their button first. Though it is unclear how a winner would collect on their bet…

Political betting – for fun and for wins

President Trump has sparked widespread interest in the concept of political betting. Once a rather dry sidekick to sports betting, with gamblers predicting the outcome of local elections or betting on party majorities, political betting has now become a form of entertainment for many.

The many uncertainties and outrageous happenings are perfect for betting books.

Making a political bet is in itself a risk. UK Prime Minister Harold Wilson once said that “A week is a long time in politics.” Things change quickly, and outcomes are not as fixed as the winner of a sports game, so there is always chance that bets might have to be called off.

That said, it also gives gamblers and punters the chance to have a little fun while they bet.

Paddy Power’s Kim Jong Un and President Trump markets

With their trading of insults and their loose threats of nuclear war, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un seem closely matched as extremely similar. Paddy Power is having fun with this fact. Take a bet on which leader’s red button is bigger (with the result to be determined by a media investigation) and on whether they will press it.

Donald Trump rhetoric on North Korea
Trump and Kim have inspired many betting markets

You can also take a gamble on which of the leaders will get a private concert by Sir Elton John first (5-1 Kim; 1-4 Trump), or take a 66-1 punt on North Korea erecting a statue of the reality-star-turned-leader-of-the-Free-World. Another long shot is the 800-1 chance that the pair will make up over a round of golf.

You can also find a whole set of markets on Trump alone. Paddy Power is offering 11-1 on a Stock Exchange shutdown after impeachment is formally announced, 50-1 on the president heading to Las Vegas for his inauguration anniversary, and 10-1 that Trump will make up a country during a press conference.

Keep an eye on Paddy Power through the year, as the cheeky sportsbook team are likely to have a host of quirky markets based on ongoing world events.

Even if the world is inching closer to total destruction, we can all have fun betting on how and when it will happen!

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