Updated Paddy Power Casino Donald Trump specials following Trump Jr’s Russia emails

Donald Trump Jr has caused a headache for his farther this week over contact with a Russian lawyer in an attempt to damage Hillary Clinton’s election campaign; but what does it all mean for President Donald Trump.

Just last week the President labelled the G20 summit a “wonderful success” following meetings with both British Prime Minister Theresa May and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump Jr causing controversy in recent days has added to the pressure on the President and amid all this, online casino site Paddy Power Casino have decided to take bets on a huge range of possible domestic and international situations relating to the Trump presidency.


Donald Trump exit odds

Despite being elected to serve as President until 2020, odds on Trump to cease being president before that date are on offer by Paddy Power Casino.

Trump to cease being president either this year or next year is a slim 3/1, whilst punters can get 7/1 odds on him to leave the presidency in 2019, a year before he is supposed to.

As it stands Trump is the bookmaker‘s favourite to remain in the White House following the US 2020 Presidential Election, although that may change when the Democrats announce their nomination for the Oval Office. The odds on the 71-year-old serving a second term are currently at 3/1.

Donald Trump policy odds

Trump has already attempted to ban Muslims from certain countries entering the USA and although his original executive order was ruled down, he is still working to implement a travel ban.

Now odds on the President to ban other things are being offered by the sports betting section of Paddy Power Casino.

The odds on Trump to ban abortion are relatively low at 3/1, whilst the President banning gay marriage which was legalised back in 2015 are 6/1.

Larger odds on Trump’s possible bans include 300/1 for him to ban women’s voting rights and 500/1 for the President to ban stairs.

Mexicans will be pleased to know that despite the President’s promise that Mexico will pay for his controversial border wall, Paddy Power think this is unlikely offering odds of 66/1 for Mexico to directly fund the wall.

Donald Trump novelty bets

Paddy Power Casino have a habit of causing controversy and a story involving the popular Irish online casino wouldn’t be complete with out a string of novelty bets and with Donald Trump, as you can imagine, punters are spoiled for choice.

If you think Trump’s marriage will end before his first term in office, Paddy Power are offering you odds of 5/1 and given Trump recently hit the headlines for the amount of time he has spent on the golf course since his inauguration odds of 4/1 for the President to play a round with his predecessor Barack Obama in 2017 look like good value.


Although obviously unlikely that the President of the United States will issue an executive order banning stairs, punters have an array of choice on Trump related bets should they fancy a long shot bet.

All odds correct at time of publishing

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