More than $200 Billion Spent on Pachinko Game Yearly in Japan

Japanese gamblers sure love the Pachinko game as it is a sector that generates a tremendous amount of revenue. It’s a game that’s played by Japanese people annually so the $200 Billion they spend on it annually makes sense. However, keep in mind that this amount is 30 times larger than the annual revenue generated by the Las Vegas casino industry.

Gambling activities are very limited in Japan even though they are now trying to open up for the casino sector. Still, there is a gray area in which Pachinko operates, making it totally legal which is why this game is the most popular one in Japan. At the moment, there are more than 10,500 Pachinko parlours spread all across the country.

Playing this game is simple and it’s very similar to a pinball machine. You have a wheel and you use it to control the silver balls which need to be dropped in a hole located in the middle of the machine. Every ball gives you a certain amount of points which are accumulated in order to win some prizes. You can also choose not to get a prize but rather convert the points into cash.

Anti-gambling campaigners have been rallying against the Pachinko game, trying to reduce its influence. Coupled with new additions to the gambling sector in Japan, Pachinko started suffering a decline in revenues. Nevertheless, it is still the number one game in Japan and the Pachinko sector hires more people than any of the top 10 car manufacturers there.

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