Opposition to casino expansion in Georgia likely to continue

  • The four leading gubernatorial candidates for Georgia are alleged to be against casino expansion
  • Earlier this year a bill on casino legislation failed to pass in the state

Next month, Georgia’s 2018 gubernatorial election – a vote in which the state’s people select their new governor – will take place.

However, the outcome of the election may not be ideal for those who are partial to the occasional casino visit; the leading Republican contenders are reportedly opposed to future attempts at legalizing casino gambling.

Georgia casinos
Pictured: Georgia state capitol building

According to reports, on Saturday a forum was held in which the four contenders listed above talked about their views and potential policies for the state of Georgia with all four allegedly vowing to reject any proposals to build new casinos within the state’s borders.

For those acquainted with Georgia’s attempts to push through a legalization bill that would allow casino gambling, it may sound like a familiar call.

Earlier this year, for example, local lawmakers – led by Sen. Brandon Beach – tried to pass such a bill, which was unable to gather much support and wasn’t passed.

Casinos in Georgia

Amending current laws and therefore lifting a ban on casino expansion would permit two new casinos to be developed in the state. However, at present it is something that the state’s lawmakers have yet to agree on.

According to proposals, if these changes had progressed, Atlanta – Georgia’s capital – would have hosted the larger of the two proposed resorts, which would have cost around $2 billion to construct.

A portion of the money generated by this casino – plus the tax it would have paid – would have been donated to Georgia’s HOPE scholarship, which awards the state’s students with “academic achievements of different nature.”

However, members in the Georgia GOP state committee last month gave the go-ahead to a resolution that would oppose casinos and horse racing being made legal in Georgia.

It has been reported that the reason for this was that an increased rate of gambling could have the potential to lead to increased crime and even divorce rates.

The state’s pro-casino individuals have pointed to the fact that the industry could be worth as much as $600 million per year as a positive.

It is believed that various operators will be keen to monitor progress including MGM Resorts International, which as early as this the beginning of this year was alleged to be interested in a potential establishment in Atlanta.

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