OPINION: Odds slashed on Trump lasting the year – if he doesn’t win the Nobel Peace Prize that is

  • William Hill slashes odds of Trump making it to end of 2017 as president
  • Ladbrokes offering bets on ‘The Donald’ to win the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize
  • When things move this fast, does anyone really know what’ll happen next?

What’s that? Another Donald Trump story? Surely not! It’s hard to tell who’s thirstier for publicising the compelling car crash that is Donald J Trump – the man himself or the media.

No love is lost between the two forces and yet each needs the other to exist it would seem.

Trump: lasting until the end of the year or winning the Nobel Peace Prize? Who knows…

The latest Trump story being trotted out emanates from British bookmaker William Hill which, in an entirely uncynical attempt to garner headlines, has slashed the odds on Donald Trump making it to the end of the year as president of the United States.

The Trump saga continues

In case you’ve missed the latest twists and turns in the Trump saga – which is understandable given that we all have to blink at some point – at the start of the year bookies were eagerly postulating that he wouldn’t complete his first term in office and would possibly even be impeached.

Then came Trump’s address to Congress, which went some way towards silencing the naysayers. Then, less than 72 hours later, the man they call, well, quite a lot of things was off on one again, ranting about Obama having tapped the phones at Trump Towers.

An hour after that he was trash talking Arnold Schwarzenegger for getting kicked off TV show, The Apprentice and then, a short while later, he was off to vent his frustrations on a golf ball.

All in all just another whirlwind week in the life of Donald J Trump. He might be an absolute madman of the highest order, but at least he’s keeping his promise of bringing jobs back to America – most of which are likely to be in popcorn factories as it stands.

Bookmakers William Hill is now offering odds of 2-1 that Trump will be ousted before the year is out. They’re also offering evens on the likelihood of him serving out his first term in office. Just for the lolz – and to ensure the mainstream media pick up on the story – Ladbrokes are also offering odds of 6-4 that Trump will visit Russia before the year is out.

In fairness to Ladbrokes, they have thrown a bone to Trump supporters. Stick a tenner on the perma-tanned president to win the Nobel Peace Prize this year and you’ll pick up a cool £250. This might seem fanciful, but then they said the same about the prospects of Donald Trump being elected, and we all know how that one played out.

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