Kindred Group conducts ongoing research into responsible gambling

  • Kindred Group has enlisted two industry experts to improve player experience
  • Brand responsible for Unibet and 32Red is looking to into new responsible gambling methods

Kindred Group – a Malta-based online casino operator – is responsible for several web-based betting sites, including names like Unibet and 32Red.

And, given the volume of its casinos and the amount of bettors that use its services, the brand is working hard to understand and implement the very latest responsible gambling methodologies.

kindred responsible gambling

As part of this work, the Group has recruited Michael Auer (director for Neccton, a big data company) and Mark Griffiths (director of the International Gaming Research Unit at Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom) to analyze consumer data and conduct research into casino gaming habits.

What the research entails

Online casino companies place considerable emphasis on always improving the services and experiences they offer to you, the player.

One way of achieving this is to familiarize themselves with the typical online casino habits of players and, as part of its latest research, this is exactly what Kindred Group is planning to do.

The company will reportedly use player profiles – including those of its VIP players – to bring together casino and betting habits and practices in order to improve its overall players service.

Theres also the important issue of player safety too. Part of this work will allow Kindred Group to find out if its safety recommendations are being met. This will allow Kindred to improve the safety and quality of its online casino services, ensuring player safety and security remains paramount.

Consider it the Group’s way of letting you know that it complies with all rules and regulations, that it aims to always protect players and to shield them from potential problem gambling.

Previous work

Auer and Griffiths have, for some time, been researching the gambling field and how responsibility can be achieved. For around five years now, the pair have been researching and publishing studies that have investigated the metrics and tools put in place by online gambling operators to achieve responsible gameplay.

And in light of their work, a number of operators have reviewed and changed their services and products, but much research is still needed.

Some changes made across online casino operators in order to improve player safety an encourage repsonsible gambling include implementation of time- and money-spending limits for any single online game, the doling out of real-time, tailored feedback designed to improve a player’s habits, and the offering of expert advice and assistance.

Both Auer and Griffiths have noted the importance of their work previously with the former reportedly suggesting that correct tools allow operators to better control players’ habits when betting online and the latter noting how effective things such as feedback and time and spending limits have proven.

Safe and secure player environment

Kindred Group itself has the following aims: to ensure the delivery of a safe and secure customer environment; to never offer its products or services to anyone under the age of 18; and to offer advice, information, and assistance to any customer wanting to know more about responsible gaming.


With more and more casinos operating each week, and new sites springing up offering betting with cryptocurrencies and other new technology it’s more important than ever as a player to know that you are using a brand that is looking after you. Most players, thankfully, don’t develop gambling problems but don’t let that make you think this doesn’t apply to you. As well as looking at that issue Kindred – which is a big name in the online casino world – is working on player safety as well. And that matters to each and every player. Quite simply, wherever you play and however much you like to use an online casino you need to be secure and safe. To see the bigger names in the industry leading the way in this is really encouraging.

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