The online casino myths players always fall for

Online gaming has a lot to do with probability. The trouble is, humans are often hilariously bad at maths and instead substitute strange superstitions or beliefs when it comes to their play.

Online casino myths
It’s surprising the elementary mistakes many online casino gamers make.

You are always going to be in danger when you get too confident and believe that you are undoubtedly going to win money every single time you take a step into the online casino world. Just like with anything, there are going to be ups and downs along the way when it comes to your gaming journey.

Consistent patterns exist whereby people don’t realise that they are falling for some online casino myths that are easily avoided. By knowing these myths, you will be ahead of the majority of the online casino players and therefore have some form of edge over these people, as well as being better informed when you are playing these online casino games. Without further ado, here are the most common online casino myths that you should not fall for.

Myth 1: ‘I’m due a win’

Perhaps the biggest and most common shortcoming in thinking is the belief that a big win is around the corner and that a big payout and definitely due because there has not been one in a while.

While variance does have a part to play when it comes to online gambling, this is usually spread out over the long term, more in the form of months and years rather than in hours and days. A lot of people who have been playing a game for a while and they have been having a poor run of form will think that they are “due” a win. This is usually known around the world as being the “gambler’s fallacy.’

It’s the probability, stupid

Imagine a game in which there is a one in four chance of you winning every time that you spin the wheel or roll the dice. With gambler’s fallacy, you may start to think that after you have played four rounds of this game and you still haven’t won that the win is overdue. This often leads to people largely increasing their stake subsequently to try to claw back money they have lost and to maximise their winnings as this win is ‘overdue’. What often ends up happening is that they just dig themselves deeper into this hole.

You are never going to be ‘overdue’ a win and it is always important to keep this thought fresh in your mind. Every single online casino game is going to be independent of the odds that are given for the outcome. In other words, for each spin or each roll of the dice, the previous results are not going to be taken into account.

Every single time you place a bet you are going to back to the starting point for that particular game. For this example, you can play this game thousands of times but the odds of you winning are always going to be 25%, no matter how many times you have won or lost in previous bets.

This is why so many people who believe in superstitions such as lucky clothes and dealers is unfounded and bears no consequence on the outcome of the games that they are playing. People who believe they are on hot streaks are just having a rich vein of luck and it can end at any time.

Myth 2: ‘If I start winning, the casino will rig the game against me’

There are those who think that the online casino can rig their games against the player to limit wins.

Online casino myths
Reputable online casinos won’t magically turn the odds in their favour if they get behind.

They believe that after you have won a certain amount of money, the casino is going to magically flick a button in order to largely stack the odds greatly in their favour, which allows them to gain back a large amount of the money they have lost up to that point.

If you are using a casino that is properly licensed and regulated like all of the major casinos are, then this is never going to be an issue or a concern. If these companies were doing this, it wouldn’t take long for people to find out and their business would be destroyed. Online casinos make their profits as they have a house edge built into their games naturally through the odds that they offer, but they never tweak the random number generator that is used for these games.

Fairness is something that is taken very seriously in the online casino world and any offenders would be quickly dealt with. There are a lot of different systems in place from independent authorities to ensure that these types of shady behaviour are not happening.

Myth 3: ‘It’s all about luck, so who cares about strategy?’

Many people think that all casino games are entirely based on luck and there is no skill involved at all. This is simply not the case.

Luck online casinos myths
Think less about luck, and more about probability

Every single game that you play has associated probabilities that you can easily calculate, showing what sort of edge the house has over you and what your probability of certain outcomes may be. There are always ways in which you can stack the odds in your favor.

You can utilise different money management strategies, staking plans, systems and leverage bonuses and other offers to give yourself more of an edge and increase your probabilities of winning. If you are aware of what odds are being offered for a certain game, you can identify ways in which to leverage these odds in your favour. It takes large speculating to win large sums

Discipline is your friend

While it is important to have a strategy in place that allows you to gradually build up your bankroll over time, a lot of people don’t have much patience and they want to win big quickly. They are of the belief that with one spin or one hand that they can win life changing money.

While you will hear news stories about players winning large sums of money, these are clearly not going to happen all the time. Why not consider wisely using your funds to make consistent profits over time, which will soon enough add up to a large sum of cash?

One of the best ways to gain an edge on the casinos is to simply not fall for obvious myths. Want to know more? Why not browse our extensive dictionary of terms?

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