Online casino launches blackjack game with no advantage to the house

  • A blackjack trial game has launched featuring no house edge
  • Casino will use cryptocurrency Ethereum after initial crowdfund sees record results
  • Shareholders will enter profit-sharing lottery every month

And online casino has launched the beta version of a blackjack game, which claims to have a zero house edge.

Edgeless casino has launched its online blackjack game featuring a 0% house edge
Edgeless casino has launched its online blackjack game featuring a 0% house edge

It is being provided by the innovative online Edgeless Casino, which has to date raised over $2.5 million in crowdfunding to develop the concept.

The 0% edge intended for their table games will give the house no advantage over the players who play perfectly. The company hopes to take its profits from sub-optimal play, in other words human error at the tables. The casino is hoping to attract more players with this concept, which will help to boost the profile of the casino.

Further plans for Edgeless Casino

The casino will use the Ethereum cryptocurrency, which, like Bitcoin, uses a blockchain-based system. The company claims that the benefits of using the cryptocurrency will allow for complete transparency for the casino’s profits and the edge of their games, ensuring trust between the players and the casino operators.

The crowdfund, called an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), was a record-breaker for Ethereum-based currencies. Backers are given EDG tokens which gives them entry into a monthly lottery with a prize fund equivalent to 40% of the company’s profits.

With online casinos having proved a major boost to the legitimacy of currencies such as Bitcoin in their early stages, Edgeless and Ethereum will be hoping for similar results for their own currencies and platforms.

Edgeless plans to roll out more games in the future, all of which will have a zero house edge. Stated plans include moving out into other table games as well as sports betting.


The launch of an ‘edgeless’ blackjack will certainly turn heads among players and the industry in general.

The concept will excite players – it is claimed to be provably fair, and gives the player a greater chance of winning – what’s not to love? But as we know players do not play games based purely on maths alone. With blackjack for example, online casino players can seek out a live dealer experience, making the game more immersive, and the site itself has to appeal with its usability, look and feel.

If you’re only just getting your head around the concept of Bitcoin, then consider Ethereum as yet another player in the blockchain-based cryptocurrency sector. Techies might love it, but less savvy players should do some research on the whole concept before throwing themselves into Ethereum-based casino gaming.

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