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It sounds a bit weird – BankID. Nobody wants another bank document! We already have various SWIFTs, IBANs, and BIN. But don’t worry – BankID is just a name for an excellent system that is already used by more than 6 million people in the Scandinavian countries. It actually makes things a lot easier.

Sweden is the first one to introduce this solution. Sweden being Sweden, they always explore creative and innovative ways to make their lives more comfortable, and Bank ID authentication services for online casinos is one of them.

What does ID stand for?

ID stands for identification, just like everywhere. However, this is a special type of electronic identification which is a fascinating method that several banks in Sweden developed in order to make the payments more convenient.

It is not really new. In fact, it has been a part of Sweden since 2003, when several banks entered the network, including Danske Bank, ICA Banken, Ikano Bank, Ålandsbanken, Swedbank, Svenska Handelsbanken, Sparbanken Syd, Skandiabanken, SEB, Nordea, and Länsförsäkringar Bank.

All users that have accounts in this bank can also become a part of the BankID system. Its primary purpose is digital identification when you need to sign transactions or documents online. In plain terms, it is a type of your e-ID.

BankID is just the name that is used in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. However, there are various other types of e-IDs, and many countries around the world use it for similar purposes. The EU countries also have eIDs of their own.

Is BankID safe?

Safety and security are the main reasons why this system was made in the first place. Apart from cooperating with banks, BankID also works with the top online security providers in order to keep the users protected.

This is not used only by individuals. Various organizations and government agencies also use BankID as a way to conclude Internet agreements.

How is BankID used?

Since Sweden is a pioneer of this solution, it is only natural that they came up with several ways to use it. The first thing you might wonder is – where is this BankID located at all?

Well, it can either be a certificate file that is located on your disk, card, or, smartphone. The last option seems to be getting popular, and it is only a matter of time when it becomes the only option. There are no fees when you use a mobile BankID because it is not mobile operators that provide it but banks. Some compatible iOS and Android devices also allow for fingerprint authentication via the BankID app. Welcome to the future!

One of the most exciting uses of this solution is for health centers. People in Sweden can log in and see their medical records, prescriptions, and available doctors.

It also allows the Swedish mobile payment service which is used by the majority of the population in this country. The primary types of payments that go via BankID are between individuals, but it is not the only type of payment.

Sweden is also very progressive when it comes to playing online games, which is also another way to use BankID. If you like to play casino games check out how to use this payment method with some of the casinos that accept it, such as Casumo, LeoVegas, ComeOn, and Dunder.

In conclusion, Electronic Identification is not new. However, Sweden is making a difference with their use and people in this country love it! If you happen to live in one of the Scandinavian territories – you are a really lucky person!

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