Soon-to-launch online betting site Blackbet claims to offer ‘ethnic sports betting’

  • Web page has appeared promoting upcoming service
  • Site promises online and mobile ‘ethnic betting’

There has been much head-scratching and more than a little concern at the news that a betting site is set to launch in the UK and Europe offering ‘safe and secure ethnic gambling’.

The Blackbet website homepage as it stood on September 7. Picture:
The Blackbet website homepage as it stood on September 7. Picture: calls itself an ‘ethic betting brand’ and it is unclear who is behind the site, or why it has been established.

Casinopedia has attempted to contact those behind the site but has had no response so far.

Some have suggested it is a joke or an attempt to stir up a reaction, while the Calvin Ayre news site suggested that the site could be linked to an African betting brand.


The site states that “its (sic) our time” and promises to deliver “a new UK and European focused ethnic sports betting brand,” which will “give players in our communities the most thrilling online gaming entertainment experience possible, in the safest and most secure environment.”

It also features a more standard marketing blurb about partnering with the best software sources to deliver “ the freshest gaming experience possible” – but the details are pretty vague, to say the least.

According to the landing page, the service will launch on October 1 and a countdown is ticking away to this launch date.

Visitors can sign up for what is presumably an email alert when the service goes live, and there is a contact form for queries.

So, is it legitimate?

It is not clear who is behind Blackbet.couk, but the site shares similarities with branding for Nigerian firm, owned by African betting group SUPABETS.

Casinopedia contacted, but has had no response so far.

A domain search shows a privacy mask, so it is impossible to tell who registered the site, whether it is serious and what the motivation is behind it.

Many unanswered questions

If enters the UK and European market, there are sure to be questions from punters, regulators and rival operators.

The site’s content describes the company as an “ethnic sports betting brand” and features pictures of mainly black athletes and gamblers, but it gives no indication how it will set itself out as such.

Any UK or European business which tried to restrict players based on ethnic background would be in breach of the law.

The site refers to a safe space for players to gamble, but whether that extends beyond the usual player safety measures that gambling operators employ is not known.

Paddy Power sees backlash over ‘racist’ Mayweather tweet

Thankfully race is not usually an issue in the world of online betting, but Paddy Power hit the headlines recently with a controversial tagline referencing the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight.

The ‘always bet on black’ slogan used by Paddy Power, stating that bets on Mayweather would be paid early because the boxer was the obvious choice to win, was criticized for its focus on the athlete’s race.

However, the bookmaker hit back, arguing that the tweet wasn’t “in any way derogatory or insulting” and that it merely played on a roulette pun. It was also a line delivered by the actor Wesley Snipes in the film Passenger 57.

While some social media users rallied against the bookmaker, Paddy Power stood by its marketing slogan.

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