OMG! Have You Seen Japanese Virtual Horse Racing?

  • It’s the craziest thing since that last Japanese thing
  • Tandem horses, rockets, gadgets and equines wearing stockings and suspenders!

And now for something completely different…

For those of you who enjoy the odd punt on the virtual races, stop and take note. The Japanese have taken the concept to its furthest extreme with the Japanese World Cup of horse racing. The result is a virtual race so bizarre it allows media journalists to use the adjective ‘wacky’ without fear of censure from their editor, and that’s a pretty darned wacky thing in itself.

WATCH: Japan World Cup has to be seen to be believed

The game is a browser-based betting program giving punters the chance to stake on anything from a Trojan horse to a Yeti and everything between. If you’ve never seen a horse skipping over the finish line, hauling a lorry or launching itself on a rocket you simply haven’t lived. First allow your imagination to go wild, and then go wilder, and then watch the video.

Yep, totally bonkers

You didn’t go wild enough did you?

Japan World Cup

If you like the idea of gambling in the Japan World Cup, the bad news is that you’re highly unlikely to find an English version online. The game was made for the Japanese market and as has not been made available elsewhere, but never fear, it is possible to purchase a DVD with all the potential outcomes online. The most recent version of the game is Japanese World Cup 3 and costs £12.66 from Amazon.

You could buy a few beers, invite your friends over and laugh at the completely bonkers mind-bending insanity of it all.

Alternatively you could put a little money on it to make things interesting, as long as the rest of the group trusts you enough not to watch the DVD before they get there.

Where is my mind?

What can you say?

In any case it certainly proves that the virtual races at Euro bookmakers are lacking in some imagination, with a single jockey to each horse and no whales in the starting line-up. Would you prefer to see more colourful cartoon races at your local betting shop? Whether your answer is a yes or a no it is safe to say that’s not happening any time soon.

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