OddsMonkey censured over ad’s ‘unsubstantiated’ claims of £1,500 per month matched betting income

  • The Advertising Standards Agency ruled against a video advert from OddsMonkey
  • The video claimed that OddsMonkey had helped over 30,000 people win £1,500 per month

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled against matched betting site OddsMonkey for a video advert that made what the ASA described as unsubstantiated claims.

Oddsmonkey's advert probe found claims of how much money users could make were unsubstantiated.
Oddsmonkey’s advert probe found claims of how much money users could make were unsubstantiated.

Advertising watchdog the ASA’s investigation followed a complaint about a video on the OddsMonkey site, which was seen on June 5 this year. The video claimed that for years OddsMonkey had helped over 30,000 people earn more than £1,500 ($1973) per month, and the complainant argued that the claim could be misleading and was not substantiated.

In its response, OddsMonkey said that the amount that its members earned depended on the length of time they had committed to matched betting and the strategies they had used. According to the ASA, the company submitted evidence in the form of screenshots taken from the site’s message board detailing the amounts of money won by members, as well as data that showed Odds Monkey had 26,909 customers between June 1 and August 16 2017.

Misleading advertising

The ASA said that they accepted that it was likely that OddsMonkey had attracted at least 30,000 customers during the course of its trading history. They also acknowledged that the comments taken from the site’s message board appeared to be from genuine customers.

The ASA ruled that most consumers would take the company’s claim to mean that at least 30,000 customers had made earnings of up to £1,500 per month in the long term, with a significant proportion making earnings of £1,500, but that the company had provided insufficient evidence to support these claims.

OddsMonkey was therefore found to be in breach of the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) code rules 3.1 and 3.7 relating to misleading advertising and substantiation. OddsMonkey was warned not to show the advert again in its current form and to ensure that such future claims were supported by adequate substantiation.

OddsMonkey’s response

OddsMonkey responded to the case on Thursday (November 16).

In a statement, spokesman Peter Watton said: “”We’re always keen to work with ASA to ensure that our adverts operate within their guidelines. It’s especially important in an area as niche as matched betting, where transparency and trust is paramount.

“This ruling was a case of the language we used in a video being misunderstood. Every month, we ask our members to submit their monthly profits, and we know that they earn up to and above £1,500. But we do not have the exact data on every one of our members, as our customers have historically tracked their profits using offline spreadsheets.

“We have recently introduced an online integrated Profit Tracker to our service, so moving forward, we will be able to provide exact statistics that relate to actual user data that has been been directly submitted to us.”

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