Bookmaker slashes odds on Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg being president in 2020

  • Zuckerberg miles ahead in the betting from Hillary Clinton
  • Donald Trump still favorite to cling on

You can’t help but be amazed at how betting companies go about setting their odds, especially for the probability of certain events to occur.

Donald Trump and Mark Zuckerberg giving speeches
Zuckerberg would certainly be a change of pace from The Donald, at the White House.

For instance, Paddy Power has just reduced the odds of Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg winning the 2020 US presidential election from 25-1 to 16-1. This was officially announced by the company’s Head of Trump Betting (yes, that’s actually a thing) Joe Lee and surprisingly Zuckerberg is now ahead of Hillary Clinton whose dismal betting odds are dwindling even more, now shifting from 25-1 to 50-1.

Still Trumping Opponents

Donald Trump, despite all the controversy that currently surrounds his presidency, is at the head of the pack with his odds slightly shortening from 9-4 to 2-1. Certainly better odds than a game of roulette.

His deputy Mike Pence is tied with Senator Elizabeth Warren with odds of 15-2. Other interesting inclusions to the betting odds list are wrestling super star and actor Dwayne Johnson (popularly known as the Rock) (16-1) and Michelle Obama (14-1).

According to Lee, Zuckerberg would be a formidable opponent if, indeed, he decided to stand for presidency in three years’ time. “For Zuckerberg, he’s emerging as a potential candidate, alongside Dwayne Johnson and current incumbent Donald Trump. Which means the US voters are caught somewhere between The Rock and a hard face,” Lee told Paddy Power News.

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