No casinos!? Trailer for all-female Oceans 8 appears to omit classic heist target

  • Trailer for all-female Ocean’s 8 released
  • Film focuses on a heist at New York City’s Met Gala

The trailer for the hotly anticipated Ocean’s 8 has just been released, but sadly, casinos are a shock omission.

The sequel/reboot to the Ocean’s trilogy has attracted attention because of its starring cast: producers have opted for all-female leads, similar to what happened with 2016’s Ghostbusters film.

While the films in the Ocean’s trilogy featured casinos quite prominently – they were the locations of various heists – casinos are noticeably absent from the trailer.

Well, that’s not quite true – one image of a casino flashes up briefly, but it is clear they will not be a big part of the film.

Yes! Casinos do at least make an appearance somewhere.
Yes! Casinos do at least make an appearance somewhere.

What we know about the film

The reason there’s no casino in the trailer is because the heist is not centred around the usual heist to secure the house money.

Instead, Ocean’s 8 will see its main characters attempt to pull off an elaborate raid at the Met Gala, a prestigious annual fundraising gala in New York City.

It features an all-star cast, including Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter and pop star Rihanna.

Numerous celebrities are set to feature in cameo roles and both Matt Damon and Carl Reiner are set to reprise their roles from the Ocean’s trilogy. Sandra Bullock plays the film’s main character, Debbie, who’s the estranged sister of the trilogy’s protagonist Danny Ocean and who recruits an all-female gang to pull off the heist.

Broadcaster and actor James Corden is also featured in the trail.

The Ocean’s trilogy

The Ocean’s trilogy, released between 2001 and 2007, is a comedy heist film series that has always been a big cinematic success.

It does away with the violence and darker themes typically associated with heist films, instead focusing on more lighthearted elements as a much of smooth and good-hearted operators go about their business.

The first in the trilogy, Ocean’s Eleven, is a remake of the original 1960 film Ocean’s 11.

Overall, the trilogy has grossed over $1.1 billion worldwide and has been generally well received by critics and viewers alike.

Whether the new Ocean’s 8 will be as successful as its predecessors remains to be seen. If it is a flop, it may the the lack of roulette wheels and slot machines that are to blame.

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