Norway witnesses an explosion in online poker and casinos

  • Online casinos, poker and sportsbooks prove particularly popular among Noregians
  • Poker championship hosted legally for first time in the country in 2015

In the industry, the Scandinavians are known for their enjoyment of casino games. Not only do many of the world’s best slots developers originate from northern Europe, but so do many ardent players. Now, according to recent reports, signs are emerging that one of the Scandinavian nations leading the charge in online casinos, with an focus on poker, is Norway.

norway online poker

Having relaxed its stance on online gambling a few years ago, Norway has witnessed steady growth in online poker as well as other forms of gambling. Sites such as Unibet and and have been prime beneficiaries of the upswell in online casino betting.

Appetite for poker

In both the US and Europe, online poker has struggled to recapture the halcyon days of 2003, when the game attracted swathes of new players, wooed by the money to be made and the rise of online tournaments. A handful of countries have bucked the trend however and shown that their citizens’ appetite for poker has yet to be sated, with Norway among them.

Evidence of the country’s softened stance towards gambling is the fact that the Norwegian Poker Championship was hosted legally in the country for the first time in 2015. Previously, it had to be held in other countries due to the game’s legal status in Norway.

The country’s gaming laws have since been brought up to date, and interest in poker has been rising ever since. Not only have Norwegian online poker sites proliferated, but so have casinos and sportsbooks. From slots to blackjack and from sports betting to roulette, Norwegian bettors have been enjoying all the delights the web has to offer.

Norway is also known for being a tech-literate country and so it should come as no surprise to learn that Bitcoin casinos have also found favour with Norwegian gamblers. The country has its own Bitcoin exchanges that provide an on-ramp for players seeking to convert fiat to crypto and play online using Bitcoin. While online gambling is becoming more hostile than ever in many countries, the US especially, other nations have reversed this trend, with Norway leading the charge.

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