Lightning-quick casino: Q&A with Ninja Casino’s Stefan Olsson

CEO Stefan Olsson heads operations at Global Gaming, a group of companies that delivers innovative B2C and B2B gambling products and services to partners in regulated and emerging markets around the world. Based at the company’s Malmö headquarters, Olsson is responsible for Global Gaming’s overall strategy and was the driving force behind its formation in 2015, when it was born from the merger of online poker and casino developer Connected Table and affiliate marketing specialist LMA Gaming.

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What is Ninja Casino, what is its ethos, and why should players play there?
Ninja Casino is a one-of-a-kind online casino, designed to offer a lightning quick playing experience. Central to our ethos is a no-registration model, which means users can play instantly on their favourite games without having to go through a lengthy registration process. Our unique approach is achievable through our bespoke payment solution, which simply requires a deposit via a player’s bank. Thanks to an Electronic Identification (eID) log-in, connected to a verified bank account, we can confirm that a player is over 18 and be sure of their identity. If the player wins, we can automatically process that payout because the identity of the player has already been confirmed, and no further KYC or AML measures are necessary. Players will undoubtedly appreciate the wide-range of quality casino games we have on offer, and enjoy the hassle-free experience that is guaranteed at Ninja Casino.

Do you see the Ninja Casino brand as targeting a certain player or user profile?
Our platform isn’t necessarily targeted at a specific market segment, but the site is targeted at mobile users who are tech savvy and know how eID works. In Sweden, we’re seeing a huge rise in the usage of eID in the banking industry. It’s not just Millennials who use eID to access their bank accounts, but all age groups are comfortable using it. Also, players who prefer to be left alone to play the games on their website and come back when they want will certainly enjoy the Ninja Casino experience. We don’t bombard our customers with emails about our latest offers, instead choosing to respect them and provide a hassle-free experience.

When and how did the idea behind Ninja Casino come about?
Ninja Casino launched over a year ago, and the ambition for us was to create an innovative online casino never before seen in the industry, which players would be able to trust and that provides them with greater privacy. Some operators and marketers tend to go in too hard when it comes to engaging with their players, trying to dial in on their personal needs and requirements. But we’ve taken the approach to building a strong brand around an innovative and easy to use product with a point of difference, and we believe it is possible to effectively spread the word about our brand without intruding on player privacy.

What kind of response have you had so far to Ninja Casino?
We’ve received a positive response to the site from players and the industry. What our customers value most is the fact they know their details are safe and secure. Plus, they can quickly play their favourite games from the industry’s leading content providers. There’s been a huge rise in the number of players and visitors to our site since it was launched, and it continues to rise as word of mouth spreads about our unique offering.

We’ve seen a trend towards making the online casino experience as easy and as simple as possible for players. In your case, you aim to make the deposit and withdrawal process hassle-free. It all sounds like good news for players. Is that where the market is heading?
I think so, especially as bonusing and free wins comes under increased scrutiny from regulators across Europe. It’s up to operators to provide their customers with a safe and secure environment to play in, and also to build a respectable relationship where the player can trust the operator. From a security perspective, our platform means players can easily access their funds using their eID log-in, instead of a less secure, static username and password. It is very rare to see a model that combines both increased security and ease of access in the gambling industry.

What do you think makes a good casino experience for players?
Everything these days is about being fast, and this is no different to the online casino experience. Players want to access their games quickly, and want to be paid as soon as possible when they win big. We are able to deliver this with cash-outs that are processed immediately, with the funds available at the player’s bank account within 15 minutes. This is extremely quick for the gambling industry, and would not be possible without our bespoke payment platform. We also believe you need to treat players with the utmost respect and don’t intrude on their privacy. For instance, as we don’t use personal details in the conventional way, players can be sure that we won’t spam them with marketing emails that they simply do not want.

“Ninja Casino is a one-of-a-kind, designed to offer a lightning quick. Central to our ethos is a no-registration model, which means users can play instantly on their favourite games without having to go through a lengthy registration process.”

How much room in the market is there now for new online casinos? Is it becoming overcrowded, or are there still gaps in the market for new entrants to exploit?
There’s certainly an abundance of online casinos in the marketplace, which can make it very difficult for a new brand to gain a foothold and exceed. But rather than develop a brand that offers players exactly the same experience as other sites do, new casinos need to be innovative and come up with a concept that is new to the industry. That’s how we’ve been able to make a mark in what is a very competitive online market.

From what countries can the Ninja Casino site be accessed, and what are your plans for expansion, if any?
Ninja Casino can be accessed in Sweden and Finland at present, and we have seen huge success from those two territories. Of course, we want to expand Ninja Casino’s international footprint in the near future so players all over Europe can experience enjoy our award-winning casino experience.

Can you tell players a little bit about Global Gaming?
Global Gaming provides innovative, secure and high-quality gambling services to B2B and B2C customers. The company is headquartered in Sweden, and was born out of the merger between Connected Table and LMA Gaming Limited. At the heart of our offering is the development of a no-registration platform, used by our own B2C brand Ninja Casino, as well as, which has revolutionised the casino customer deposit and cash-out process. In addition, our turnkey solutions ensure that clients can access market leading products, payments and admin tools, as well as licensing, technical aid, marketing assistance and front-line support.

Can you make any predictions about what players can expect from their online casinos over the next, say, five years?
I think we’ll continue to see online casinos, and sportsbook operators, focus on providing the fastest experience on mobile devices. Some registration processes simply take far too long to undertake, particularly on mobile where the screen is smaller and is harder to fill out a long form. It can put customers off from the start, so I think modern electronic identification log-ins will be widely used in the years to come. I think we’ll see more casinos place greater emphasis on faster payouts, something that we already offer. It’s something that players definitely want, yet many casinos still take hours, sometimes days, to pay out winnings into a user’s account.

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