NINE facts about casinos sure to impress your casino buddies

There are few excursions that beat a trip to your local casino, but how much do you actually know about theses gambling houses?

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Impress on the felt with your casino knowledge

They say knowledge is king, so us fine folk here at Casinopedia have decided to give you a helping hand onto that throne. Here are nine gambling facts that are sure to impress your gambling buddies on your next trip to the casino.

1. Number of the beast

The Devil's game? Roulette wheel numbers add up to 666. Picture: Thinkstock
The Devil’s game? Roulette wheel numbers add up to 666. Picture: Thinkstock

Let’s start with one of our more creepy facts – roulette is also known as the devil’s game, because all the numbers from 1-36 equal 666 when they are added together.

The next time you are praying for the ball to land on red, think of that…

2. Biggest slot winner

Slot Machine Casino Mania
How much can you win on a slot machine? Probably more than you think. Picture: Thinkstock

The biggest ever slots win will make your lucky streak in your local casino seem like loose change winnings. A 25-year-old walked away with almost $40m from a Megabucks machine.

‘Lucky’ doesn’t quite do it justice…

3. The first casino

The Ridotto, Venice, widely considered to be the world's first gambling house.
The Ridotto, Venice, widely considered to be the world’s first gambling house.

Gambling has always existed, but casinos in their current form are relatively new. The first one, Ridotto, opened in Venice in 1638.
It was set up by the Great Council of Venice, who wanted to provide locals with a means of gambling in a controlled manner.

4. First online casino

The first online casino popped up in an unexpected place back in 1996 – Antigua. It had 18 games to choose from, all of which probably took an absolute age to load in the days of steam-powered (dial up) internet.

It was a far cry from the glut of online gameplay we have available today. Here’s that old dial up internet tone to really get you nostalgic.

5. Macau trumps Vegas

Macau casino scene
Macau’s fast-growing casino industry has contributed to economic growth

The biggest gambling centre in the world surprisingly isn’t Las Vegas. Players in Macau in China take one day to gamble the same amount that players in Vegas take a whole week to bet.

Macau is taking in over $40 billion in gambling revenue every year.

6. Slots win

Slot machines remain the most popular means of gambling for those in Vegas casinos. It is estimated that the beloved slot accounts for around 65 per cent of all gambling in the city.

Slot games, slot games, and more slot games.
Slot games, slot games, and more slot games.

That possibly explains the sheer quantity of them.

7. Loads of chances

Standard deck of cards
Combinations galore with a standard deck of cards

A traditional deck of cards has 2,598,960 unique five-card hands. So your chances of hitting that straight draw probably aren’t as good as you first thought!

8. Flying in

McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas
Fly me to The Strip. McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas

Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport is the eighth busiest airport in the world, with most of its two and half million monthly visitors coming to the city to gamble.

What happens in Vegas may stay Vegas, but with that amount of people travelling through the airport, we would be surprised if a few secrets didn’t leak out!

9. Oldest Vegas casino

Las Vegas’ first casino was built on Highway 91 and was called the Pair o Dice club. It was established in 1931 and was incredibly popular amongst local workers.

So there you have it – nine casino facts sure to impress your gambling buddies the next time you step into your local gambling house. Enjoy!

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