Slots Heaven? This online casino is also a great place to try table games

You would be forgiven for thinking that online casino Slots Heaven is all about just that – slots.

But actually there’s far more to the online casino than that.

A few of the table games they offer boast interesting twists on classic table games and are worth giving a go if you fancy something new.

Here’s some more information about the innovative new additions to Slots Heaven.

Dragon Jackpot Roulette

This roulette game offers to extra bonus features in addition to the base roulette game. Click on the Dragon Jackpot symbol on the right of the betting table and you’ll have a chance of launching the progressive jackpot feature – it’s triggered randomly regardless of whether you win or lose, though placing higher value bets increases the chance of it being triggered.

The Dragon Jackpot Roulette game.
The Dragon Jackpot Roulette game.

To determine what jackpot you’ll win, you have to keep spinning the jackpot wheel until you match the same color three times – there are four colors in total and each one corresponds to a particular jackpot.

Click on Dragon Bonus in the bottom left to activate the second feature. You’ll have to select up to 12 numbers in addition to your main bets. If the ball lands in one of these slots, you’ll get to spin the Dragon Bonus wheel, which consists of both an outer and an inner wheel and offers the chance to claim high-value multipliers.

1000 Diamond Bet Roulette

1000 Diamond Bet Roulette offers a new twist on the classic roulette game: its roulette wheel is oval-shaped and has a total of 105 slots. Of these, 100 are numbered slots, while the remaining five are various colored diamonds.

1000 diamond bet roulette playtech

There’s also an inner wheel which has various multipliers of different value; one of these is selected at random with every spin and should your bet win, the selected multiplier will apply to your winning bet.

The game’s jackpot is the 1000x multiplier, which is the least likely of all the multipliers to be selected. Betting options are pretty much the same as standard roulette, with additional bets for the diamond slots; obviously, the odds are somewhat different give that the wheel has far more slots than the standard roulette wheel.

Cashback Blackjack

As its name suggests, this blackjack game has a particularly special feature, the Cashback Feature.

Cashback Blackjack by Playtech.
Cashback Blackjack by Playtech.

While the game mostly runs as a standard blackjack game, if you make use of the Cashback Feature, you can receive a percentage of your bet depending on what hand you have.

It’s similar to the Surrender option, except the percentage of your bet you can claim back is much higher – there’s even the possibility of winning back a sum higher than your bet, thereby making a profit, if your hand is of a very high value.

Once you’ve received your cashback offer, you can choose to accept it and end the game, or reject it and carry on playing.

There are also bonus bets: place the 21+3 bet and if the first three cards dealt make a ranked hand, you’ll receive a payout of as much as 100:1; place the pair bet and if the hand gets a pair with the first two cards it’s dealt, you’ll receive a payout on your wager of 25:1.

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