New Rivers Casino Hotel Opens with Helicopter Stunt

  • Famous illusionist Steve Wyrick gives a breathtaking performance at the opening of the new Landing Hotel
  • At the peak of the show, Wyrick made a helicopter appear out of thin air, leaving the audience befuddled

The brand new Landing Hotel, which is a part of the Rivers Casino and Resort in Schenectady, New York, opened in style thanks to Steve Wyrick, famous Las Vegas illusionist. Wyrick performed several tricks and illusions for the crowd, with the show culminating with him making a helicopter appear out of thin air, leaving everyone in the audience baffled.

Wyrick warmed up the audience by doing some of the more standard routine involving wedding rings, $100 bills, and such, which already had people having hard time believing what they were seeing. The Texan magician has quite a reputation and has won quite a few prestigious awards, including Merlin Magician of the Year Award.

Rivers Casino Hotel opening
Rivers Casino Hotel opening. Photo: Twitter @AsmSantabarbara.

Behold – the helicopter

Once everyone was ready for the grand finale, Wyrick gathered hotel employees and had them create a ring around the stage holding their hands. After a few suspenseful moments, the screen was pulled up, and there was the helicopter, with a female driver inside for an extra touch.

This wasn’t the first time he performed this trick, but the audience was no less surprised and shocked with what they had witnessed. Of course, like every good magician, Texan keeps the secrets of the trade to himself, so we can only try to guess what “magic” is behind it all.

Grand opening for a grand hotel

The show served as the prelude to the opening of The Landing Hotel, a part of the Rivers Casino. Both properties are owned by Chicago-based Rush Street Gaming and are estimated at around $330 million.

Schenectady was given necessary licenses and permits for hotels and casinos as a part of Governor Cuomo’s development strategy, looking to boost the state economy. The Rivers Casino and Resort complex contains another hotel, retail and office space, with plans for an amphitheater and a boating harbor. All the additions that are being planned will increase the value of the property for another $150 million.

According to David Buicko, CEO of Galesi Group, which is the developer on the project, this is a proof that anything can be done and it can serve as an example to other communities looking to boost their economy.

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