New legislation could see slot machines and video gaming arrive in Missouri and Illinois

  • Residents in Missouri could soon be enjoying thousands of new slots
  • Senators in Illinois also looking to get in on the action

Residents in Missouri could soon be enjoying the chance to hit a raft of new slot machines as plans are underway to legalize video gambling in bars.

St Louis, Missouri
St. Louis, Missouri: ready to welcome video slot machines?

Help with state funding

The idea behind the planned legislation is that it could help contribute towards raising state funds. The proposal could potentially see up to five video slots allowed in pubs, bars and restaurants and up to 10 allowed in benevolent organizations.

Missouri State would then collect a percentage of all the money generated from the machines. State representatives are pointing towards education as a potential beneficiary of the funds raised, particularly with funds for student transportation facing ongoing cuts.

The slots could potentially be in place by the end of the year, with representatives pointing towards success in other states demonstrating how they offer easy income for the government and enable improvement of local services.

Illinois set to continue rise in video gambling

Elsewhere, in the state of Illinois, a senator has put forward a proposal that would see slot machines permitted at a motorsports park located mere minutes across the border from the Missouri city of St. Louis.

Illinois has seen a rise in video gambling for a number of years now. Indeed, since it was legalized in the state four years ago, 5,700 businesses have installed one or more terminals.

The total number of terminals across the state currently stands at almost 25,000 and representatives want to add even more to help generate funds for the state.

In 2016, video slots managed to bring in a huge $227 million – $55.4 million of which was given to local governments throughout Illinois.

It is thought that the scaled-down casino being proposed at the racetrack, which could introduce up to 200 terminals at the venue, would bring in even more funds. The motorsports park itself seems keen on the proposal, stating that it will ‘diversify’ the income stream of the facility.

So far, the proposal is not scheduled for debate, so residents are warned to be patient as it could be some time before Illinois sees an injection of fresh slot machines.

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