New Jersey’s new quick draw lottery game draws fire from Assemblyman

  • Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo is allegedly not on board with New Jersey’s new lottery game
  • The new Keno-style game offers players quick draw action every five minutes

New Jersey Lottery commission has offered a new Keno-style quick draw lottery game that is to be set up in social settings such as bars, clubs, restaurants and bowling alleys outside of Atlantic City.

new jersey lottery

The quick draw game is hoped to bring in between $9-$10 million a year for the state with 400 locations earmarked for the game. However, the Lottery Commission have come under fire from Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo (D-Atlantic County).

Overstepping authority

Assemblyman Mazzeo is reportedly not fully on board with the new development however, saying: “The State Lottery is grossly overstepping their authority by essentially expanding casino style gambling to bars and restaurants outside of Atlantic City”. Allegedly, Mazzeo’s concern is not the lottery itself, but rather the ‘quick-draw’ element of the game which is drawn every five minutes.

The Assemblyman is behind a draft bill centred around reducing the game’s draws to just two-per day as opposed to the current 226. However, the Lottery Commission’s current proposal may appear to benefit the bar owners as they will receive 8% of the profit their machine brings in.

What exactly is the New Jersey Lottery “Quick Draw!’?

The controversy surrounding New Jersey’s offering is the regular ‘Quick drawing’ feature. How players play the game is by choosing how many numbers between 1-10 they wish to play.

A player can then wager up to a maximum of $10 per round. They also have the option to choose between 80 numbers and tickets win based on the number of spots that hit out of the 20 numbers that are drawn. However, compared to casino slot games the percentage return to player rate is pretty dismal at just 60% whereas most slot games are between 90-95%.

Mazzeo may have public support

Back in November, voters rejected a plan to expand gambling beyond Atlantic City which included the rejection to build two new casinos just over 70 miles outside of Atlantic City. Mazzeo has been quick to use the result of the vote as ‘support’ for his proposed bill by saying “The residents of the state of New Jersey overwhelmingly opposed the expansion of casino gaming.”

He also went on to add that: “The state lottery doesn’t get to override the voice of the people. I will continue to staunchly oppose, as I always have, any effort that expands gambling outside of Atlantic City.”

Ballots must be finalised by the end of September and the earliest the Keno ballot could be heard is November if city officials act quickly.

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