New Jersey senator wants New Jersey’s online casinos to be available to international players

  • State Sen. Raymond Lesniak would reportedly like online betting in New Jersey legalized across multiple jurisdictions
  • The bill is not yet written, but Lesniak allegedly believes it would expand the market and bring players together

The US state of New Jersey has a thriving land-based and online casino industry, with the state legalizing the latter officially in late 2013.

new jersey international online casino
State Senator Raymond Lesniak would reportedly like to see New Jersey’s online casinos visited by international players

Now it seems that there may be interest in ‘exporting’ New Jersey’s online casino gameplay after State Senator Raymond Lesniak – one of the state’s lawmakers – has reportedly expressed his support for opening up New Jersey’s market to international players with a proposed bill.

Breaking down the bill

It has been reported that, on Wednesday, Lesniak announced the impending introduction of a bill that would enable gamblers across several foreign countries – as well as in states such as Nevada and Delaware, which have also legalized online wagering – to participate in betting in New Jersey.

Currently, according to law only people physically in New Jersey are allowed to partake in state-offered online gambling.

Despite the fact that the bill has not yet been written, Lesniak has reportedly said that it would allow people in multiple jurisdictions – in which online gambling is lawfully regulated – outside of the United States to gamble in New Jersey.

The bill would also enable New Jersey-based international operators to remove their computer servers from Atlantic City, should they wish to.

Both of these factors would expand the online casino markets of all countries involved; players could be pooled and given more opportunity to enjoy betting.

In discussing the allegedly soon-to-be-written bill, Lesniak has declared his wish to make New Jersey the cultural center of web-based wagering. He has noted that the sector has vastly improved the state’s industry as a whole, bringing in more revenue and creating more jobs across New Jersey.

Growth in online

The state of New Jersey has offered legal online betting since the end of 2013, the bill for which was sponsored by Lesniak himself. From then until now, bets made online have increased steadily to the point of becoming important for the business of land-based casinos based in Atlantic City.

Often, the cash won by players online can make a positive impact to overall revenues when land-based casinos have a ‘slow’ month, for example.

New Jersey currently has the largest online betting market out of the three states that have legalized the practice, the other two being Nevada, and Delaware.

It is worth noting that the director of New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement, David Rebuck, has not yet seen the proposal to be put forward by Lesniak.

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