News just in: Ron Burgundy to star in new Anchorman slot

  • Characters from comedy classic set to form bonus rounds
  • Ron Burgundy, Brian Fantana, Brick Tamland, Champ Kind and Baxter all feature

The legendary Channel 4 news team behind modern comedy classic Anchorman is set to feature in new video slots from a major game developer Scientific Games.

Ron Burgundy, played by Will Ferrell, Brian Fantana, played by Paul Rudd, Steve Carell’s Brick Tamland, Champ Kind played by David Koechner and even Burgundy’s trusty hound Baxter features.

Based on a male-dominated San Diego news network workplace in the 1970s, the film featured the tension between the buffoonish Burgundy and the upstart female journalist Veronica Corningstone whose broadcasting talent allows her to muscle in on Channel 4 news’ cosy little set-up.

Well, that escalated quickly

News has come to light on the slot following a posting on the Scientific Games YouTube channel.

The game, which appears to be for land-based casinos only, offers cutscenes from the film at various intervals.

All of the lingo is in there, including jackpots described as ‘nice’ and ‘very nice’ and features like ‘The Big Bonus Ribbon Stop’ which dial in directly to the phraseology of the show.

When the Ribbon stops on a character, it will trigger their special bonus round.

It is a three level progressive with a ‘really good’ jackpot, according to the promo video.

Even the wild symbols are represented with a 1970s font stating ‘This is a Wild Symbol’.

There is a sex panther pick feature, which allows players, via a touchscreen, to choose the prophylactic of their choice for wins. This feature belongs, of course, to the ladies man himself, Brian Fantana.

That sex panther scene in full, below

Brick has his own weather wheel, which seems to allow for a level up feature in the game via wheel of fortune-style spin. Ultimately players can advance to a third level wheel which awards a multiplier.

Other features include the Ron’s Replacement round.

Anyone for some jazz flute?

At its core the slot is a five-reel 25-line machine, which offers a 50 credit bonus bet and a $375 max bet.

In the character bonus games players will get the Champ Kind Free Games where Whammy symbols located on the game reels will advance them up an award ladder;

Ron’s Giant Free Games see the reels expand to 117 lines.

It is unclear yet as to when this will makes its debut in casinos.

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