Mr Green casino giving away real GOLD BAR as part of 10 year annivesary

  • Gold bar prize will be given out to player in prize draw to crack Mr Green vault
  • Promotion part of year-long celebrations for Mr Green’s 10th Anniversary

Mr Green Casino is setting the gold standard – quite literally – for online casinos by giving away a one kilo bar of the stuff as part of its ongoing 10 year anniversary celebrations.

mr green casino

The bar will be given to players playing on a participating selection of slots, with codes giving entry to a prize draw to crack the code of Mr Green’s vault and claim the prize.

At the time of writing, a kilo of gold was worth $43,000.

The draw for the bar is set for March 26, with four other prizes worth €2,000 scheduled to be won.

10th Anniversary Promotion

Mr Green casino this year marks 10 years in operation and is going around the world in a globe trotting series of promotions for players.

Mr Green's promotional offer will take you around the world.
Mr Green’s promotional offer will take you around the world.

Each destination will unlock a series of new prizes and promotions – all accessible by players of the casino.

Mr Green has grown to become one of online casino’s market leaders, and its main focus is on entertainment – aiming to set itself apart from the competition as the most fun place to enjoy online casino games.

It as since expanded what it offers players and recently has added a sportsbook to its offering, signing up sporting celebrities such as Michael Vaughan to promote the brand. It has also set up a partnership with Scottish football giants Celtic FC.

Its offerings stretch to many European countries including Sweden, Denmark, UK and Italy.

It has also put a lot of focus into its responsible gambling elements.

Terms and conditions will apply to all promotions.

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