The casino terms players are always looking up

It is always interesting to know which things your fellow casino players are searching for – those bits of terminology that are being constantly looked up.

Luckily, Casinopedia has more than 2,500 terms on any casino term you could wish. We’ve run the numbers to see which terms are picking up the most traffic.

So, what sorts of things does your fellow casino player want to know? Read on.

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Non Sticky Bonus

One of the most frequently viewed terms is the non sticky bonus, which does seem in many ways to be a curious term.

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Bonuses are a big talking point among players.

Most people will have heard about ‘sticky bonuses’ or rather, bonuses which are given but can’t be simply wagered and withdrawn.

So, a casino gives a player $100 in bonus money for depositing $100 (a 100% bonus). The player will often have a wagering requirement attached to the bonus money AND the deposit combined – so the full $200 is bound by the wagering requirement.

A non sticky bonus – and this term is not often used by casinos themselves – would often mean that the player’s own money, in this case the $100, is not bound by the wagering requirement – so their own money is free to withdraw at any time.

However, the bonus money would remain bound to terms and conditions – usually wagering requirements – so the casino can avoid people simply hoovering up bonuses and moving on.

Any small bonus, such as a small free amount of, say $10, or some free spins, may also be ‘non sticky’ in that there are no wagering requirements tied to them.

PlayOJO and bgo Casino are examples of casinos which offer wagerless bonuses.

There is also a form of non-sticky bonus called parachute bonuses, whereby if a player deposits $100, and gets a $100 bonus in return, they get to play with their own money first. If they win, they can withdraw and forego the bonus completely.

But if they lose out, they can then wager with the $100 bonus money as a fall back. That bonus will of course then become ‘sticky’.

It is no surprise to see people searching for information about bonuses – they are, afterall, a major attraction any casino, but shouldn’t be the only consideration.

DEFINED: Non-sticky bonus.

PAR Sheet

This is a frequently searched term, perhaps for the promise of the secret to ‘cracking’ slot machines.

Ah, the simpler days of single payline fruit machines. But actually, the nudge feature made them more complex that most modern video slot alternatives.
PAR Sheets are not manuals to crack slots, sadly..

Unfortunately, while a PAR Sheet does outline how a slot is expected to behave, the information that they give up is not a manual to beat the system.

Essentially, it is a long-run estimate of the payout and behaviour of a given machine or video slot, and is useful for casino operators in budgeting and, plainly, to see how much money they will make.

Still, these nuggets of information are often closely guarded by the developers, which adds to the mystique.

But having hold of this document won’t help you win.


Hold Percentage

Over to table games now and the hold percentage is how much a particular table at a casino, online or land-based, makes over a given period of time.

For example, if a blackjack table won $500 from players over the course of a night in which $5,000 was wagered by players, that’s a hold percentage of 10%.

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A casino, and specifically the person running the accounts, will be particularly interested in the hold percentage.

Casinopedia's top tips for success at the Blackjack table
In theory, decent players will only give a 1%
advantage to the house when playing blackjack

Players might also be interested, and many casinos will publish their hold figures, although not necessarily on a table by table basis.

DEFINED: Hold Percentage

Non negotiable chips

Another popular term is the non negotiable chip – which is more commonly seen in the land-based casino sector, although versions of it do exist in online casinos.

Essentially it is a bit of relationship management on behalf of the casino. A player, who has burned through a good chunk or their entire bankroll, may be thrown a few non-negotiable chips as a way of the house coming across as hospitable and friendly.

As the name suggests, they are worth a fixed value, and has the effect of extending the gameplay of that customer.

From the casino’s point of view, it is a way of improving customer service, and also perhaps improve brand loyalty.

Online casinos may offer something similar, such as free bets, or other goodies for loyal players.

DEFINED: Non Negotiable Chips.

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