Be afraid: Microgaming announces officially licensed Halloween movie-themed slot

  • Microgaming has announced its plans to launch a new fully licensed Halloween online slot game
  • Title, due for launch on Halloween is based on the slasher classic from John Carpenter

Almost 40 years on from its release, John Carpenter’s classic movie Halloween continues to terrify audiences. The independent slasher flick, released in 1978, has spawned a string of sequels and imitators, none of which are a patch on the original it must be said. Now it’s online casino game giant Microgaming’s turn to have a bash at reanimating the blood-soaked movie, this time in online slot format.

microgaming set to launch halloween slot

The developer has obtained the rights to launch a licensed Halloween slot and production has already started. Its purported release date? Why Halloween, naturally.

Spine-tingling action

Based on other licensed movies Microgaming has tackled, there’s every reason to expect the Halloween slot will be a spine-tingling thriller complete with original dialogue and theme tune.

It’s safe to suggest that many of the film’s original characters will be reborn as symbols, hopefully including the iconic and nightmarish Michael Myers. A young Jamie Lee Curtis made her debut in the movie, which was produced for just $300,000, alongside Donald Pleasence.

Setting the standard for modern horror films

In the original film, Myers murdered his sister on Halloween at the tender age of six, before returning 15 years later to wreak havoc on the town of Haddonfield. Exact details about the sort of features the game will contain have yet to be announced, but Microgaming’s David Reynolds had this to say: “Halloween is a true classic and set the standard for modern horror films.

“It was immeasurably influential in the slasher genre of movies, so it is great to be working with such an iconic and respected brand,” he added. “Embracing all the elements of what made the movie such a success, our games team are busy developing a slot for release later in the year.”

The Halloween franchise eventually grew to include ten films together with comic books, novels, merchandise and a video game. It’s safe to assume that Microgaming will be releasing just the one Halloween slot, but if its track record is anything to go by, it promises to be an epic and immersive game, one that conjures all the thrills and dark humour that infused John Carpenter’s classic horror movie. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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