MGM Resorts new ad positions itself as being in the ‘Holy Sh*t Business’

  • MGM releases a new marketing video, emphasizing their goal to create the ultimate entertainment experience
  • Casino gaming makes up only for the small portion of the ad, showing its breadth of offering

The latest marketing video released by MGM Resorts, one of the leading casino names in Las Vegas and the world, is positioning itself as the king of entertainment.

The video emphasizes humanity’s need for entertainment, and sends a loud message that MGM isn’t in the hotel business, but, in a rather bold move, describes itself as being in the “holy sh*t business” – with its ability to leave its customers in awe of its dazzling attractions.

As for its casino gaming, which is a huge part of the MGM heritage – it only makes up a small proportion of the ad reel.

However, Vegas, its spiritual home, does feature heavily, in particular the iconic Bellagio fountains and some of its key casino resorts.

Creating one-of-a-kind experiences

The video highlights some of the best and brightest moments from the MGM history, accompanied by powerful music and strong special effects. The goal is clearly to impress the viewers and convince them that MGM takes its job of creating the ultimate entertainment experience very seriously.

Starting the with a strong intro stating that “mankind was not born to be bored” it continues with the list of various forms of entertainment developed over the years, from basic campfires and storytelling to stadiums, arts, games of skill and more.

How does MGM fit there? Well, according to the message, MGM was created to entertain people and turn even seemingly insignificant moments into an experience to be remembered for the rest of your life. With almost 80,000 employees, the company is devoted to one single goal – turning everything into an amazing show you can write home about, it is claimed.

Casino games not in the spotlight

Although MGM Resorts is primarily into the casino business, time at the tables is only briefly showcased in the video.

This is very interesting for a company that still makes a huge chunk of its profits from the gaming tables and it clearly shows a switch in the way of thinking that’s been present the last couple of years.

Namely, casinos around the globe have started to realize that slots and gaming tables alone simply aren’t enough to cut it anymore, with the competition growing stronger and people wanting more from their entertainment experience, especially younger generations who have grown up with multimedia entertainment.

Thus, this latest ad shows that MGM properties have so much more to offer than spinning reels and roulette wheels.

From amazing views to exclusive shows and memorable spectacles, they want to become a synonym for entertainment all over the world.

Judging by the initial reactions on social media, most people who have seen the video already have been quite impressed.

Of course, a few disgruntled customers have come out to share their complaints as well.

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