MGM Grand Hotel and Casino introduces new multiplayer virtual reality arena game

  • MGM Grand Hotel and Casino set to offer players immersive VR experience
  • Level Up gaming experience features several VR games for up to eight players

Las Vegas will have its very first virtual reality multiplayer game when the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino opens its new free roam experience later this month.

The popular casino resort will partner with gaming developer, Zero Latency to open up an immersive virtual reality experience inside the hotel’s ‘Level Up’ gaming lounge.

Level Up MGM casino
The MGM ‘Level Up’ experience is aimed at targeting those who want a more relaxed, social and skill-based casino gaming experience.

The experience will be open to the public later this month and will allow up to eight players to immerse themselves in an interactive universe where they can navigate around the arena.

In a statement, Zero Latency CEO Tim Ruse said: “When it comes to playing games, and exploring new worlds in virtual reality, more people means more fun.

“Technology can often be isolating but we are determined to continue to design games and experiences that bring people together to have mind-blowing VR adventures and forge real memories that can last a lifetime. We’re excited to bring this experience to Las Vegas, our first West Coast location.”

What games will be on offer?

Players will be able to choose from several different games including ‘Zombie Apocalypse’, where a team of players is trapped in a building with a selection of weapons and have to fight off waves of enemy zombies.

Gamers can also immerse themselves in a game mode called ‘Singularity’, which places players inside a secret military space station to fight killer robots and drones.

The final game mode on offer is called ‘Engineerium’, a puzzle-themed game set in a world full of different animals and creatures where in order to progress players must solve problems.

How does it work?

Players are given VR goggles which fully integrate them into a simulated free roam world as their very own avatar.
Teamwork is essential in the games and those playing are encouraged to co-operate with each other in order to progress by being able to communicate via headphones.

Players wear a backpack with a high performing gaming computer to allow them to play with no disturbances and are given both a personal score and a team score as an incentive to perform the best that they can.

The MGM Grand Casino and Hotel has been expanding its games offering recently and its new VR experience, the first in Las Vegas, is aimed at attracting casino game fans from all over the world.

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