Nothing to see here, just a 38 ton gold lion

  • MGM’s new Macau-based casino is to be furnished with a huge gold lion
  • The statue weighs in at 38 tonnes, is 11-metres high and clad in 24-carat gold

What would a flagship casino be without an ostentatious show of its might and majesty? Vegas is famed for its faux pyramids, oversized fountains and other gewgaws, designed to impress and intimidate in equal measure.

MGM Grand Lion

Not to be outdone, a Macau casino has decided to get in on the act, but given that it’s owned by MGM, that’s perhaps not such a surprise. What is surprising is just how OTT their mascot is.

32,000 sheets of 24-carat gold

When MGM China unveiled a new statue outside MGM Cotai on Tuesday, it was to gasps from all present. Some of those were gasps of delight, while others could roughly be translated “what is that?”.

The 11-metre statue, weighing 38 tons can be described using many superlatives, but subtle isn’t one.

The Macau resort may still be under development but the lion guarding its entrance is roaring and raring to go. The vertiginous statue has been clad in 32,000 sheets of 24-carat gold leaf in a move that MGM hope will make the lion “an important landmark attraction” and not a magnet for thieves seeking to strip it of its aureate coating.

The sprawling resort was meant to have opened by now, but has been beset by a series of delays and is now tipped to open in late 2017. Still, at least the lion’s good to go, so MGM China have their priorities sorted at least.

What’s more, they have also gotten round to finalising the Chinese name for the casino, which shall officially be known as Mei Si Mei Gou Mui which translates as Beautiful Lion, Beautiful MGM. How elegant.

Co-chair of MGM China, Pansy Ho, is certainly a fan of the discreet statue, opining that it “reveals our passion and dedication for MGM Cotai and its significance.”

It remains to be seen whether the oversized golden beast will kickstart a game of oneupmanship as Macau’s casinos compete to see who can devise the first mascot that’s visible from space.

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