Megabucks slot pays out $10 million to lucky Henderson Casino player

  • Known only as “Roger,” the man is said to visit the same slot machine that paid him the jackpot nearly every day
  • In disbelief at his win, he thinks he’ll end up wasting most of the winnings

One lucky casino player, known only as “Roger”, from Henderson, NV, is celebrating after pocketing over $10 million on a slot at the Fiesta Henderson Casino.

$10 million Megabucks jackpot winning reels at Henderson casino
$10 million Megabucks jackpot winning reels at Henderson casino

The man who won, only moved to the area from Florida just a few months ago, was said to be in a state of disbelief five jackpot symbols appeared on the reels.

The casino player was a frequent slot machine player and told reporters he visited the land-based casino on an almost daily basis.

The tale

“Roger” was sitting at his favorite slot machine on Saturday afternoon and had won $20 during his first few plays. Then, four spins later, he hit the $10 million jackpot. But he didn’t know it straight away.

According to the lucky bettor, he wasn’t aware of exactly how much he had won until a member of casino staff came over to his machine to tell him. He said that his machine lit up and showed the message “Please call attendant.”

In an interview with Michael Quine – of the Las Vegas Review-Journal – that he anticipated wasting all the money except that which he planned to spend on “alcohol, women, and gambling.”

“Roger” wants to keep to keep his name out of the public eye to avoid people attempting to make unsolicited friendships with him.

He is retired and very happy with his win. Despite the fact that he thinks it won’t feel real until the money is actually in his bank account, he thinks that when it is, he’ll “pass out.”

The last time that Megabucks – the game from which “Roger” won his progressive jackpot – paid out that much was on August 14, 2017. On that occasion, it rewarded the player with $11.8 million.

Does what it says on the tin

International Game Technology, the company behind the progressive slot game Megabucks, has terminals planted throughout the whole of Las Vegas, Macau, and beyond.

Said to be one of the most famous slots to date, Megabucks is thought to offer the largest jackpots of all the world’s slot machines. The game also syncs machines from a variety of casinos in order to pool money, which makes for the “largest reward possible.”

Although the game can have a different theme depending on where the terminal is installed, the premise always remains the same; with three reels and one payline, each spin costs $1 to play.

Three-of-a-kind is what you’re after, and the symbols are the very traditional bars, sevens, and cherries. But really, the Megabucks icon should be your main focus; matching three will give you the same luck that “Roger” had.

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