Meet PokerAlfie – the new poker AI that helps you improve your game

  • PokerAlfie is a completely free poker playing AI designed to help players of all levels
  • Unlike its predecessors that focused on the heads up, PokerAlfie is capable of playing at six-handed tables

The poker world has seen a very strong development in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) department lately. There are more and more poker bots, as they are often called, that can take on the human competition on an almost equal footing. PokerAlfie, developed by Giletech e.K. represents the latest development in this direction.

According to the developers, PokerAlfie is a free poker-playing AI designed for amateurs and expert players alike, with the goal of improving your poker knowledge.

pokeralfie texas holdem

Unlike most previous bots, which were mostly designed to play heads up (one on one), PokerAlfie is a fully-functional AI capable of competing at 6-max No Limit Texas Hold’em tables.

Free and suitable for all levels

Although the team of developers spent six years getting PokerAlfie in shape, the software is available completely free from the Microsoft Store. You’ll need to be running Windows 10 to install it, but other than that, you can try PokerAlife free of charge and there are no annoying commercials, either.

The software has been designed with players of various levels in mind, from rookies just learning the ropes to experienced players wanting to take their game to the next level. PokerAlfie is very fast because it doesn’t analyze millions of hands to make its decision, making it a great sparring partner to significantly improve the learning curve.

How good is PokerAlfie, really?

According to Giletech, their software relies on the latest breakthrough in algorithms for heads up games. Adding new players doesn’t increase the thinking time of the software all that much, as the required calculation time scales almost linearly.

Srdjan Pavlovic Nislija, one of the best poker players from Serbia, tested PokerAlfie, and according to him, the software ended up beating him slightly over 5,000 hands. Although this isn’t a huge sample, it does seem to indicate the new AI has a few tricks up its sleeve.

When the first AI bots capable of beating humans one on one started to appear, most players believed that the technology was still far, far away from solving games with more than two players. However, if people from Giletech are to be believed, this isn’t the case.

It is hard to say how good PokerAlfie really is, but from what we know so far, it does seem like a very useful learning tool for players of different skill levels, especially beginners. Perhaps there will be a place for Pker Alphie in the live casino environment?


The question on everybody’s minds is, of course, will AI take over online poker completely within the next few years if these developments continue. While it is too early to say, given the fact other games like chess and Go have been solved, it would be naive to think that poker can’t be solved as well – if there are enough motivated developers out there. Of course, this isn’t something any of us true poker fans would like to see, but we’ll just have to wait it out and hope for the best. In the meantime, there is no harm in testing your skill against PokerAlfie, as every free learning tool is more than welcome.

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