Man’s racy night with Cleopatra leads to $180,000 jackpot

  • A player from Texas turns $50 deposit on Bovada casino into $180,000 jackpot
  • A Night With Cleo leads on to great riches

All of us who dabble with online casino games dream about winning that one huge jackpot and claiming a life-changing amount of money for a few minutes of play.

'Juan S' scooped $180,000 at his first visit to Bovada casino, thanks to his Night With Cleo.
A man scooped a $180,000 at his first visit to Bovada casino, thanks to his Night With Cleo.

Most of us never get to experience that feeling, but a few of us do, and that’s exactly what happened to a man named only as ‘Juan S’ at Bovada Casino. Juan claimed a jackpot of nearly $180,000 playing A Night With Cleo slot, which certainly brightened his day.

Turning $50 into $180k

Like so many players, Juan was looking for a way to have some fun and kill some time, and he ran into the Bovada casino offer. He deposited $50 and received $50 match bonus, giving him a total balance of $100. After that, he started browsing through the games on offer and stumbled upon A Night With Cleo, a progressive jackpot slot by Proprietary Games.

He started spinning away at $1 a spin, and it only took him six spins before he hit the dream. The jackpot is awarded completely at random, so there are no indicators you might win. So, the player from Texas was stunned after his sixth spin, as the slot went all blows and whistles on him, notifying him he had just won a jackpot just a couple of grand shy of $180,000.

Spending a Night With Cleo

Bovada Casino is one of the few places online that still accepts players from the United States. It is also one of the rare casinos where players can try their luck at hitting a big A Night With Cleo jackpot, which is seeded at $16,000 but quickly reaches six-figure amounts.

The slot itself features a well-known Egyptian team, with the famous queen playing the central role. However, A Night With Cleo, as the name subtly suggests, comes with an interesting twist. Like with most slots, A Night With Cleo comes with a double-up feature. When you hit a winning line, you can decide to gamble your winnings, and you’ll be taken to a different screen where Cleo is holding two lotus flowers in her hands.

Pick the right one, and your winnings will not just be doubled, but the queen will remove an article of her clothing for your pleasure. If you can get all five doubles in a row right, you’ll be treated to much more than just a big win.

The interesting twist that will certainly appeal to some, and the possibility of winning the jackpot make this game a great choice if you’re looking for a slightly different gaming experience.


Not everyone can expect to win big when first signing up to a casino, although some have in quite spectacular fashion.

I guess Juan S has just happened upon that elusive thing – beginner’s luck. By the way, A Night With Cleo’s selling point of gradually revealing the computer generated ample top half of that famous Egyptian ruler is certainly a rather curious development for a slot game – particularly as, on the internet, there are other more obvious outlets for that kind of entertainment.

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