Have you ever seen anything like this? Man’s bizarre lottery strategy nets him $400,000 payout

  • Man from White Rock purchased 40 lottery tickets with identical numbers
  • Thomas Grimme had spent $8,250 on Match 4 tickets in the preceding three months

A man from White Rock has earned a $400,000 payout in a Washington State lottery game after adopting an unusual strategy, it has been reported.

A bizarre ticket purchasing strategy netted a Washington State Lottery player a $400,000 payday.
A bizarre ticket purchasing strategy netted a Washington State Lottery player a $400,000 payday.

On December 28 last year, Thomas Grimme purchased 40 $2 tickets for the Match 4 lottery game.

Match 4 requires players to pick four numbers from 1 to 24. Grimme picked the same four numbers on each ticket and when all four numbers came up, he landing $10,000 win for every one of his forty tickets.

The unusual win did not come to light until the end of October as the Washington Lottery didn’t release details of the payout at the time, but Jim Camden, a reporter from the Spokesman-Review, investigated when a reader enquired about the number of payouts from that date’s lottery. Camden found that 40 payouts went to the same person and he was able to get hold of the lottery company’s official investigation.

Children’s birthdays

Camden’s reporting revealed that the numbers Grimme chose – 4, 8, 17 and 24 – related to his children’s birthdays and that he had been playing with the same numbers over a period of several weeks, after being given money by a relative, spending $8,250 on tickets for the Match 4 game, often buying several tickets during the same day.

Grimme did not complete the Washington State lottery Winner’s Survey, which asks winners what they plan to spend their money on, and asked that his photograph was not shared.

Despite attempts to get in touch with Grimme, Camden was unable to do so and concluded that he was a private person who did not want to be contacted.

Although the win appeared to be unusual, there is no evidence that it was suspicious.

According to the Washington State lottery’s research and development manager, Stephen Wade, the investigation into Grimme’s win did not uncover anything untoward.

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