Man killed in Arizona casino robbery

  • Victim was killed in the early hours of Monday morning while attempting to rob the Hon-Dah casino
  • Shooting is the second violent incident in a month at the White Mountain Apache Tribe-owned resort

A man was killed in a failed robbery attempt at a Arizona casino on Monday morning. The shooting occurred at the Hon-Dah Resort Casino and Conference Center, and is the second violent incident at the White Mountain Apache Tribe-owned casino in the last month.

Hon-Dah Resort Casino
A shooting at the Hon-Dah Resort Casino

According to reports from the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the FBI’s Phoenix office, the incident occurred when a cash courier was approached by a man near the front door of the land-based casino.

The assailant sprayed her with some form of chemical, and in response the courier used her pistol to shoot the man, who fell and died shortly afterwards.

According to witnesses who were entering the casino through another entrance at the time of the shooting, the man’s body could be seen lying by the front doors, and the cash courier was standing near the body, holding a weapon.

No other individual was harmed in the incident, and the FBI does not believe that anyone else was suspected in the attempted robbery.

The Bureau does not plan to release the name of the dead man until they have notified his family.

Armed robbery

A little over a month ago, on July 11, the Hon-Dah was the scene of another armed robbery attempt. On this occasion, an unidentified man was able to escape with an undisclosed sum of money after spending less than 90 seconds in the casino.

Back in 2014, the Hon-Dah was also the site of another fatal shooting, when a man was killed by police after he wounded two bystanders.

That incident began with an argument between a man and his wife on the casino parking lot, during which the man pulled a rifle from his car and shot at a security guard and a casino patron.

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