Malaysian Government looks at targeting illegal online wagering

  • Sarawak police raided 74 cyber outlets seizing 108 computers in August
  • Illegal Online Gambling was broached at a state-level National Security Council committee meeting with a vow to action agreed

Malaysia’s state government is reportedly taking a hard-line approach on illegal gambling, with sources suggesting that it would allegedly ‘not tolerate unlawful activities’ and that it will ‘wipe them out’.

Malaysia illegal online gambling

Malaysian online publication, The Star ran a report alleging that accomplices of fugitive illegal gamblers were attempting to revive illicit online casino gambling in the country, with Chief Minister Datuk Seri Idris Haron acting swiftly to announce the government’s plan to take action.

How is illegal online gambling being run?

The advancement of technology has made it incredibly difficult to prevent online gambling, however, illegal operators are turning to quick tricks in order to make a buck and avoid detection.

According to various reports, the operators appear to be turning to renting luxurious accommodation on a short-term lease and using said location as a base for operations and even a place for large quantities of cash from winnings to be withdrawn.

By just using smartphone applications, it makes it a whole lot easier for operators to dump and run should a location be discovered.

In May, a huge crackdown by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission looked like it has shut down illegal shops once and for all, but this new smartphone method appears to be giving the government a real headache and it is seeing the rise of online gambling once again.

What the Chief Minister says

Chief Minister Haron has raised the concern of the re-birth of illegal online gambling in a recent interview by saying the committee had activated measures to counter the ­menace and track the accomplices’ movements.

He also highlighted the new methods of those involved by adding: “The modus operandi used by these ex-accomplices is to lure their customers to homes and not shoplots as in the past.”

It appears Haron is not alone in voicing his thoughts as in the Northern Malaysian state of Sarawak, Criminal Investigation Department chief Datuk Dev Kumar has assumed the role of CID in Miri City in the state, resolving to stamp out illegal cyber gambling in the city.

The Sarawak police have reportedly been carrying out a number of raids with a degree of success, having arrested 215 people in 74 cyber outlet raids, along with four common gaming houses and two cock fighting arena’s in August alone.

CID Kumar reported that from the raids, RM22,444 was seized along with 108 computers, but he went on to state that “Efforts to fight illegal gambling in Sarawak are still ongoing.”

It looks like completely shutting down illegal gambling may be a tall order but the government is certainly making it its mission to do just that, making it clear to any illegal operators that they will be dealt with very severely.

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